Meguiar's D101 All Purpose Cleaner 3.8L

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 Meguiar's D101 All Purpose Cleaner 

Designed for

  • Carpet
  • Seats
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Leather
  • or any interior cleaning job

All purpose cleaners are often more effective on some materials than others, making them less than “all purpose”. You wouldn’t use your all purpose household cleaner on your leather seats, for example. But Meguiar’s new All Purpose Cleaner is the stand-out in the all purpose bunch.

Mixed to order, this cleaner is suitable for all the interior surfaces in your vehicle, including seats, carpet, and even leather!

Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner is a new product for Meguiar’s Professional Detailer Line. This highly concentrated formula is recommended for commercial use. Mix it with water to the desired strength and you have a customised cleaner for all your interior surfaces.

All Purpose Cleaner removes dirt from fabric, carpet, upholstery, vinyl, and leather and reconditions these materials so they resume their like new qualities.

The alkaline cleaner and wetting agents produce a superior foaming action that is strong enough to lift dirt and grime out of floor mats, but gentle enough to safely clean leather. Fabric softeners and brighteners rejuvenate your interior surfaces so they look and feel like a new vehicle.

Rather than filling your garage with specialized cleaners, All Purpose Cleaner is all you need for your interior. The gallon 3.8L gives you enough cleaner to mix a strong solution for stubborn, stained seats or a weaker solution for delicate leather. One jug makes up to 10 gallons of cleaner!

Ratio mix for :

For light cleaning, mix 10 parts water to 1 part cleaner. 10:1

heavy duty cleaning, mix 4 parts water to 1 part cleaner. 4:1

For all-over interior cleaning and reconditioning, Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner is an unbeatable bargain. One jug makes 10 gallons of multi-purpose cleaner for all your interior surfaces!

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