MTM Mezzo "Toro" Twin Pipe Wash System

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MTM Mezzo "Toro" Twin Pipe Wash System

The Mezzo "Toro" Dual lance wash system was made specifically for two-step (sometimes called two-stage or twin chem) wash applications. The truest form of a touchless wash occurs when you use a low pH to with a high pH wash solution to shock the road grime and dirt.

Step 1: The low pH solution will break through the ionic bond releasing contaminates and restore the shine to your clear coat and metallic finishes. In stage 2 the high pH will seal and protect your exterior finish and neutralize the solution applied in step 1.

Two-step wash systems are popular in fleet washing and most commonly found in most drive-thru car washes where an acidic and caustic solution are both used by many self-serve and petrol station touchless washes.

The MTM Mezzo is also offered in a single pipe version here

 Checkout Rob from MTM Hydro USA explaining the 2 versions of the mezzo kit.

Mezzo second video in action

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