MTM Acqualine 316 Stainless Nozzle Guard BLUE 25 Degree for Rims

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Size: Orifice Size 3.5-25°
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MTM Acqualine Nozzle Guard BLUE

This is the 25-degree version

Upgrade your cleaning experience with our new AISI 316 Stainless Nozzle Guard!

This setup has a 100% tested threaded stainless MTM nozzle installed in a 316 surgical grade stainless nozzle guard.

A stainless 1/4" MTM QC plug is then installed with certified Italian Loctite.

These Italian nozzle guards offer a new level of safety with a premium feel when working around your vehicle commercial kitchen to keep paint safe from scratches.

These new nozzle guards engage with all commercial grade and MTM branded ¼” couplers for quick release between foaming and cleaning.

316 Stainless Steel is among the highest class of stainless and is commonly considered food grade, nuclear grade, and marine grade.

With advanced corrosive properties, these Italian nozzle guards will be the last QC nozzle you purchase!

 Features and Benefits

  • 316 surgical grade stainless nozzle guard.
  • food-grade, nuclear grade, and marine-grade

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