MTM Hydro 3/8" Viton - COUPLER O-RING

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MTM Hydro 3/8" Viton  - COUPLER O-RING


MTM Hydro's O-Rings will fit in any 1/4"" or 3/8"" coupler. Commonly (and accidentally) blown out at the worst of times. From amateurs to the detailers, everybody blows out O-rings, the difference is that the Pro's always have a few spare O-Rings on hand

Dont get caught without a few extra O-Rings on the job as these little items make a big difference in maintaining PSI, GPM, and safety.

Types of O-Rings:

 Buna Nitril is a common and inexpensive compound used in the O-Rings of all MTM Hydro Brass Couplers. This compound will perform acceptably at high temperatures but will deteriorate quickly and should only be used in cold water applications.

  • Viton is a more expensive and durable compound meant for Hot Water and performs well with Chemical applications. Use the Viton Series of O-rings for replacement on Stainless Steel Fittings.
  • EDPM is more expensive and durable compound that performs well with Hot water but excellently with Chemical Applications. All MTM Hydro Stainless Steel Couplers have EDPM O-Rings, although we do not sell replacements; instead, replace with Viton.

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