MTM HYDRO Twist Seal Plug X 3/8" Stainless QC Coupler 14MM PLUG

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Options: MTM HYDRO 3/8" QC Stainless COUPLER X M22 M 14MM PLUG
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MTM HYDRO Twist Seal Plug X 3/8" Stainless QC Coupler 14MM PLUG

Connects your Pressure washer to your new Quick connect Gun

This is required for the Kranzle Pressure washer to use 3/8 Quick Connect Guns.

These M22 style fittings may not be fast but are now widely used in the residential market as a safe and secure way to provide a consistent method for attaching and detaching fittings. 

When purchasing M22 fittings, the black portion is considered the Coupler. The Stainless exposed threads are considered the Plug (see 24.0024 for reference) and are meant to thread into the black coupler.

The terminology may vary when referencing M22s among suppliers. MTM Hydro nomenclature refers to the black twist coupler portion as "M22F" while the plugs are referred to as "M22M" followed by the sizing of the secondary end as NPT or other Variant of M22.

This premium adapter has been quality tested and certified by MTM Hydro to fit a variety of hose outlets including select popular models of Kranzle so that you can, now, upgrade your guns and lance setups to MTM Hydro’s Italian SG series. 


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