MTM PF22.2 Wide Mouth Foam Cannon Bottle NEW 2024

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Options: Wide Mouth Foam Cannon Bottle
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MTM PF22.2 Wide Mouth Foam Cannon Bottle

Brand new for 2024 - MTM PF22.2 Wide Mouth Bottle and the black adaptor piece for the top of the bottle.

This new bottle and adapter will work with any previous PF22, PF22.2, Original MTM Foam Cannon and various other foam cannons.

The new wide mouth bottle features a wide array of improvements/benefits

The most obvious being easier filling.

The bottle also features a new quick release feature so with a quick flick of the wrist it opens up for refilling.

Please be aware that, as this is a new product, it may initially feel tight and sturdy. However, with regular use, the foam cannon bottle will become more flexible and easier to handle over time.

Bottle cap not included

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