Obsessed Garage Drying Aid

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Obsessed Garage Drying Aid

The Obsessed Garage Drying Aid is finally here. We’ll be carrying it in (2) two different sizes - (1L) 32 ounce and (3.8L) 1Gallon bottles. 

This product is designed to be used on the last step of your car washing process - when you’re drying your vehicle.

What you’re ultimately doing with any drying aid solution is adding lubrication and protection to your paint.

Now, once I made the transition from car wax to ceramic coating, some of the spray wax sealants I was accustomed to using weren't so great. Not great, meaning they would leave streaking on my paint. 

So, as I made improvements to my car drying process, I began to realize with some of the other drying aid solutions, unless the conditions were close to perfect, I would experience spotting.  This isn’t something that’s insurmountable, but certainly not ideal.

Let’s now fast-forward to the Obsessed Garage Drying Aid that was brought to my attention from someone in our community, and I’m glad it was. What I love most about this product is the slickness of it as well as the gloss it leaves on the paint. You’ll see a deep shine with no by-products left behind. It'll work on wax, coatings, trim, and glass. It pretty much works on anything. This is ideal for me because I want to use it on as many surfaces as possible. 

The key essentials you’ll need when applying this product are the Rag Company Gauntlet Microfiber Drying Towel for the initial wipe and also Low Pile Drying Towel for your second wipe down.


  • Shake Well before use
  • Wash your vehicle and don’t use it on hot panels.
  • You can use this on wet or dry surfaces.
  • Spray it on your vehicle in small areas and work it in with your favourite microfiber drying towel.
  • Make sure not to let it dry on the panel.
  • Can be used on Glass, Paint, and trim.


Obsessed Garage Drying Aid

  • Sprayable cross-linking polymer sealant
  • Odourless and dye-free
  • Surfactant-free
  • Leaves the surface extremely hydrophobic and slick
  • Highly chemically resistant
  • Works on all exterior surfaces
  • Extremely easy to apply - essentially streak-free
  • Can be applied on top of all types of protection from waxes and sealants to ceramic coatings.
  • Can be applied on a wet or dry surface
  • Protection lasts about two months based on our testing
  • Non-hazardous

What You Get

Obsessed Garage Drying Aid 1L or 3.8L

  • 1L (32oz) Comes with a 32-ounce bottle, label, and sprayer or
  • 3.8L (1 Gallon) Comes with a 1-gallon bottle and label 

Also available in a Bundle  with 1L or 3.8L

Included in kit

  • 3 x FTW Orange Low-Pile Drying Aid Towels 40cmx40cm (2nd Wipe)
  • 3 x Medium High-Pile Drying Aid Towels  38cmx60cm (1st Wipe)
  • 1x White 750ml Pressol Household Sprayer
  • 1x Obsessed Garage Drying Aid Label

NOTE: This kit does NOT include liquid in the Pressol bottle, and labels are NOT installed on the bottle.

Please keep in mind: Drying aid will freeze! Please keep that in mind when getting it shipped to you if you live somewhere cold, and consider ordering when the temperatures are warmer.

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