Obsessed Garage Pressol Household Label

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Application: All Purpose Cleaner
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Obsessed Garage Pressol Household Label

You can have a matching lineup of all your detailing products in your dual-action Pressol sprayers. These are foil-backed, ultra-buttery-smooth soft touch labels. We plan to offer a grey and black version of these labels in the future if these get enough attention! We've been working on these labels for months now and we're finally ready to show them to the public!


Some tips for application.

Install process explained by OG member Matt Reeves:
1. Clean the bottle with some alcohol
2. Spray a light mist of water onto the bottle; too much water will cause the labels not to stick.
3. With the bottle down between 2 towels, position the label on the bottle and verify the position before committing.
4. Use some type of card squeegee to get the water and bubbles out
5. Check them periodically for any bubbles that need to be corrected
and done.

Extreme Tip: You can heat treat the bottle with a torch; just a few quick passes over the bottle and it will be flame treated. A Flame treatment allows labels and decals to adhere better to the surfaces of bottles. If you melt your bottle don't come to us saying you ruined your bottle, that is why this is an "Extreme Tip", do it at your own risk!

You can test your flame treatment by running water over the plastic of the bottle, if it's hydrophobic it's not heat treated. After a heat treatment water should stay sitting on the surface and slowly sheet off.

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