Odor Eliminator Total Release 5oz. 142g Aerosol

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Scent: Cucumber Melon
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Odor Eliminator Total Release 5oz. 142g Aerosol

3D Odor Eliminator Total Release Fogger, Powerful Air Freshener and Odor Control, Aerosol Bomb Neutralizes Unwanted Smells in Home Office RV

  •  PREMIUM AIR FRESHENER Deodorize your home, office, boat cabin, or box truck with the long-lasting, refreshing scent of 3D’s Odor Eliminator Total Release Fogger
  • DUAL ACTION DISPENSER For a spot refresher, spray short bursts into the air. To provide odour relief in a home or office space, place the can on a flat surface and press the spray tip down until it locks into place. Once the fogger begins releasing the dry mist, leave the area promptly. Ventilate the room well before reentering and spending time inside
  • BROAD COVERAGE Whether it’s lingering food smells, pet odors, cigarette smoke, or other unpleasant malodors, 3D’s Odor Eliminator neutralizes up to 6,000 cubic feet
  • NON-STAINING Safe and effective, the extra fine dry mist will not harm draperies, carpets, or fabrics if used as directed
  • 3D PERFORMANCE We offer the highest quality air fragrance fresheners and odor-eliminating products for your home or office. We also specialize in premium detailing accessories for your vehicle. Our vision is to create environmentally friendly, professional-grade products that are easy and safe to use for everyone

Available in Cucumber Melon or Sea Breeze Scent.

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