Optimum Glaze Polish & Seal GPS (512ml)

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Optimum Glaze Polish & Seal GPS (512ml)

Your go-to product for light paint correction and protection!

Optimum GPS is a revolutionary one-step product that leaves vehicles smooth, bright, and protected. This is a spray glaze, polish, and sealant in one!

Optimum GPS gives detailers the ability to create amazing results with less time and effort than a multi-step polishing process.

Easy spray application, high performance, and lasting paint protection are the highlights of this exciting all-in-one product.

Apply Optimum GPS with a dual action polisher.
Apply Optimum GPS with a polishing pad on a dual action or orbital polisher.

Optimum GPS is very similar to Poli-Seal in function but it has the added benefit of being sprayable. This speeds up the application process and allows you to use less product compared to a conventional liquid.

The spray formula also primes the whole pad face evenly for faster results.

Optimum GPS is one of the series of spray products developed by Optimum for car manufacturers. The others are Optimum Hyper Compound and Hyper Polish. This trio of products enables car makers to perfect new cars faster and with less mess than ever before. They save time and money, and so will you. Not to mention, the results are outstanding. The slickness and gloss is second to none.

The glaze aspect of GPS can have a filling effect when applied by hand or not worked long with a buffer. It produces a high gloss, wet-looking shine.

As a polish, GPS can remove minor defects with pad choice, pressure, and a longer work time, while still finishing like a finishing polish.

Optimum's advanced polymer blend leaves 3-4 months of protection behind on top of a clean and polished surface.

Optimum GPS provides a glossy, mirror-like finish - even on lighter colored vehicles!
Optimum GPS produces a mirror-like finish - even on lighter colours like white and silver! Use it in conjunction with a polishing pad on a dual action polisher and you'll have a recipe for smooth, glossy paint!

Optimum GPS can be applied using a dual-action or orbital polisher with a foam or microfiber pad. Optimum's Microfiber Polishing Pads are a good choice. On a vehicle with less need for correction, you can apply GPS by hand with a foam applicator pad.

Optimum GPS is perfect for vehicles that need only mild correction. As a final step product, GPS removes minor swirls and marring and adds a high level of gloss and protection. It is a real timesaving product for professional detailers. GPS is body shop safe!

Optimum has done it again. Optimum GPS is yet another spray product that does things you'd never expect from a spray! In one step, get glossy, smooth paint worthy of the showroom floor.


Optimum GPS has less sling and no dusting.
Optimum GPS works with no sling and no dusting!
Optimum GPS leaves paint smooth and glossy.
Optimum GPS leaves crisp, clear reflections!

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