Optimum Metal Polish and Protectant 236ml

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Optimum Metal Polish 236ml

Optimum Metal Polish is a unique all-in-one metal polish AND sealant that can be used by hand or by machine to quickly remove oxidation, scratches and swirl marks from any metal surface while leaving behind a layer of polymer protection to help prevent future oxidation.

Optimum Metal Polish uses sub-micron polishing agents and chemical cleaners. These extremely fine particles are highly effective at polishing the surface down to enable a mirror finish.

For hand application, apply Optimum Metal Polish to a terry cloth and buff the metal surface in circular and/or back and forth motions until the black oxidation is dissolved away.

Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to restore the original lustre.

For machine application, apply Optimum Metal Polish to a buffing pad and polish until the black oxidation is dissolved. Use a terry cloth to remove the oxidation.

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