Optimum Opti-Coat Pro Plus Kit 7yr Durability

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Size: 10ccPro + 10ccPlus
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Optimum Opti-Coat Pro Plus 7yr Durability

Opti-Coat Pro+ combines the chemical and environmental resistance of Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating with a layer of Pro Plus to add additional protection and gloss that is second to none. Opti-Coat Pro+ enhances the durability of your vehicle’s paint by adding another layer of protection for the life of your car.

Opti-Coat Pro provides a protective ceramic coating with superior resistance to swirling, chemical etching, and fading. Then, Opti-Coat Pro+ is added as the top coat to further protect the layer of ceramic paint. Not only does Opti-Coat Pro+ enhance the coated surface of your vehicle, it adds luster and slickness for an outstanding shine to your car’s paint.


  • Wipe down surface thoroughly with Paint Prep Solution ready for for Opti-Coat Pro application.
  • Prime the applicator pad by making an X pattern across the pad. Apply the Opti-Coat Pro in straight overlapping motions.
  • Work area approx. 0.5sqm at a time and no more than 1sqm.
  • Within 5 minutes, while the coating flashes away to clear. Using a microfibre or the applicator wipe lightly any high spots.
  • Continue this process until vehicle is complete, wait 30-60 minutes between Opti-Coat Pro and Opti-Coat Pro Plus.
  • Repeat steps 2-3. Application of Pro Plus is intended as a wipe on wipe off application. Allowing Opti-Coat Pro Plus to dwell on the surface for an extended period will result in application lines and/or streaks.

    Drying Times/Curing Times:

    • Touch Dry 30 minutes
    • Water 12 hours
    • Full Chemical Resistance Up to 7 days
    • Maximum Hardness Up to 30 days


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