Optimum Opti-Metal Coating

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Optimum Opti-Metal Coating

Opti-Metal Coat is a rapid curing ceramic coating designed to bond to all metal surfaces, to prevent ongoing oxidation and damage during cleaning processes.

Opti-Metal Coat creates a protective barrier with an extremely strong bond to metal surfaces and high resistance to acids and chemicals. The hydrophobic properties provide easy ongoing maintenance for all automotive, marine, aviation and industrial applications.


  • Wipe down surface thoroughly with Paint Prep Solution ready for for Opti-Metal application.
  • Prime the applicator pad by making an X pattern across the pad. Apply the Opti-Metal in straight overlapping motions.
  • Work area approx. 0.5sqm at a time and no more than 1sqm.
  • Within 5 minutes, while the coating flashes away to clear. Using a microfibre or the applicator wipe lightly any high spots.
  • Continue this process until area is complete.

    Drying Times/Curing Times:

    • Touch Dry 30 minutes
    • Water 12 hours
    • Full Chemical Resistance Up to 7 days
    • Maximum Hardness Up to 30 days


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