P&S BrakeBuster and Marolex Axel 3000 Pressure Foamer Bundle

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Marolex Axel 3000 Pressure Foamer 3L

The use of active cleaning foam is like a spa for the car. Foam has a longer lifespan than ordinary washing agents, so its effectiveness is much higher and thus perfect for auto detailing and cleaning.

Thanks to the ease of use of our Axel™ foamers with foaming soap (see Luxury Microfiber Foam) that does not require a specific precise dilution mix to work effectively like many other foamers on the market, you will actually look forward to applying foam to your car. You get 3 different foam inserts that produce foam in different densities that you can use in an infinite number of applications.

It is easy enough to simply change the insert to – from a liquid foam, excellent for cavities penetration – get the foam dense and compacted so firmly that it keeps on almost vertical surfaces. Given it is long-lasting even on vertical surfaces, it is ideal for washing aluminium rims.


  • TOTAL CAPACITY - 118.34oz (3.5L)
  • WORKING CAPACITY - 101.44oz (3.0L)
  • PRESSURE - 58 psi (0.4 Mpa)
  • NET WEIGHT - 1.34 lbs. (0.61 kg)
  • HEIGHT - 13.58 in (345 mm)

The axel sprayer is intended for application of alkaline and neutral foam-making liquids. It is used in chemical industries, workshops, car washes and detailing companies as well as in households. NOTE!!! It is forbidden to use hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, agents containing solvents, oil derivatives, dense and viscous substances and any liquid having a temperature of over 40oC.

Manual: Here


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