P&S Defender SiO2 Protectant

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P&S Defender SiO2 Protectant 

  • Easy To Apply Spray Ceramic Sealant
  • Can Be Used as a Topper to Increase the Performance and Life of Your Ceramic Coating
  • Adds an Amazing Level of Gloss and Slickness
  • Can Be Applied to Paint, Trim, Glass and More
  • Lasts 6+ Months


P&S Defender SiO2 Protectant is an extremely easy to apply, SiO2 protectant spray that is the ideal product for both professionals and enthusiasts. It has been developed for use as a topper/maintenance treatment for Inspiration Coatings as well as other coatings, or as a stand alone SiO2 Protectant. Defender SiO2 Protectant (DSP) is very easy to apply and use in most environments. Defender creates incredible gloss, slickness and durable protection. Although Defender is primarily for painted surfaces it also can be used on metal, glass and trim.

As a stand alone protectant clients can expect 6 months to a year worth of protection, incredible gloss and clarity. Defender is also exceptional as a coating topper/maintenance product. Simply spray onto the surface and wipe away with a clean microfiber towel and you are done. The application is really that easy.

Not only does Defender create incredible gloss, slickness and durable protection, but it will also repel water from the surface, making it more difficult for dirt, mud, and other road grime to stick. If you are looking to protect your paint or your existing ceramic coating,  P&S Defender SiO2 Protectant is a must have in your detailing arsenal.

Directions for Use:

  1. If using as a coating topper, ensure the coating has had time to set up prior to Defender installation. In most cases we recommend 1 hour minimum.
  2. Always apply to a cool surface when possible and out of direct sunlight.
  3. Defender may be spray applied directly to the paint surface or sprayed on to microfibre towel and wipe applied.
  4. Once applied, spread evenly for uniform application in a 90cm x 90cm area
  5. Allow to set for brief moment and then flip microfibre towel and wipe to bright finish.
  6. Alternatively, you can use the ‘wet towel, dry towel method’
  7. Repeat process over entire vehicle.


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