P&S Natural Finish Dressing

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Features and Benefits

  • Conditions, Softens, Preserves and Protects All Interior Surfaces
  • Provides Premium Natural Matte Finish
  • UV Protection Against the Harmful Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation.
  • Has a Pleasant Scent
  • Dress and Deodorize in One Easy Step

P&S Natural Finish Interior Dressing conditions, softens, preserves and protects all vinyl or rubber surfaces and provides premium lower gloss finish for customers who demand a natural shine. Natural Finish includes UV protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. This premium performance interior dressing and preservative also includes a pleasant scent, so the vehicle can be dressed and deodorized in one easy step.

P&S Natural Finish Interior Dressing provides a stylish matte finish and no extra shine needed!

While some people prefer a high shine to their rubber, vinyl and plastics, there are people who would rather keep the finish on their rubber and vinyl much more low-key. P&S Natural Finish Interior Dressing is the ideal dressing for those that enjoy the natural finish of brand new interior surfaces over the high shine gloss.

PThose in pursuit of a natural satin finish for their interior needn't compromise on protection quality- P&S Natural Finish grants unparalleled UV protection, whilst simultaneously maintaining the same rejuvenating power and protection capabilities as the rest of the P&S dressings. No longer must an individual be faced with a choice between protection and the desired finish.

P&S Natural Finish is a great choice because it will leave your car smelling fresh and pleasant for weeks. Plus, all it takes is one application to lock in the scent!

Directions for Use:

  1. It is always recommended that you clean the surface you will be dressing before you apply P&S Natural Finish Interior Dressing. We recommend the use of P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner.
  2. Spray P&S Natural Finish Interior Dressing onto a TRC Black Terry Microfibre Cleaning Sponge Applicator and hand apply it to the surface you are dressing.
  3. Then simply wipe off any excess product with a TRC Edgeless 300 Microfibre Towel.

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