P&S OFF ROAD Mud Buster All Around Cleaner

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P&S OFF-ROAD Mud Buster All Around Cleaner

P&S OFF-ROAD Mud Buster All Around Cleaner is the perfect solution for removing accumulated dirt and grime from the undercarriage, frame, wheels and exterior surfaces on ATV’s, dirt bikes, and off-road trucks, and more.

Mud Buster is a unique cleaner that clings to mud and lifts it from the surface. Mud Buster also deposits a thin layer of corrosion inhibitors to protect surfaces after a rinse. Mud Buster is a heavy-duty cleaner that may be used as-is or diluted and applied with a foam cannon.

Mud Buster is extremely effective when foamed on through a foam cannon as a presoak for heavily soiled off-road vehicles. It will penetrate through the layers of mud, dirt & grease to remove the majority of these soils when rinsed, allowing for a safer and more effective bucket washing procedure using P&S OFF-ROAD Wide Open.

  • Concentrated TOUGH Cleaner for Muddy Jobs
  • Suitable for Paintwork, Undercarriage, Frame, and Wheels
  • Busts Grease and Grime Often Found on OFF-ROAD Vehicles
  • High Foaming Formula
  • Extremely Effective Pre-treatment Spray and Wash
  • Can be Used As Is or Diluted as Per Your Requirements

Directions for Use:-

  1. Always apply to a cool surface when possible.
  2. Spray apply a generous amount of Mud Buster to the heavily soiled surfaces.
  3. Allow to sit for 1-3 minutes for the product to penetrate the mud, grease, and grime.
  4. For General Cleaning, Scrub with a brush if necessary.
  5. For wheel cleaning, the product can be diluted 10:1.
  6. For undercarriages, we recommend using at full strength.
  7. ALWAYS rinse with water after use with a hose or pressure washer.
  8. For use as a Pre Soak before bucket washing, Dilute at a minimum of 1:10 in a foam cannon. Rinse clean and then proceed with the bucket wash.

IMPORTANT: Spot test on surfaces before full application to avoid the risk of product staining. NEVER let the product dry in direct sunlight.

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