P&S Shape Up Interior & Exterior Dressing

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P&S Shape-Up Interior & Exterior Dressing

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely Versatile
  • For both Interior and Exterior Use
  • For use on Rubber, Vinyl and Leather
  • Leaves a Showroom Finish on your Tyres and Trim
  • Gives Interior Surfaces a Natural Finish
  • Fresh Lemon Scent

Conditions, softens, preserves and protects all leather, vinyl or rubber surfaces. Shape Up is a high-quality, water-based silicone dressing that may be used for all dressing applications. Shape Up leaves a beautiful natural shine on both the interior and exterior.

The best in vinyl dressings and preservatives also includes a bonus, a pleasant, lemony scent so that the vehicle can be dressed and deodorized in one easy step.

P&S Shape Up Interior & Exterior Dressing is an extremely versatile dressing for the rubber, vinyl, and leather surfaces both inside and outside your car!

P&S Shape Up Interior Dressing rejuvenates, protects, and shines your rubber and vinyl and you can ensure your interior always smells fresh due to P&S Shape Up’s fresh, lemon scent!

If your tyres, rubber and vinyl are cracked and dull, when your paint and chrome looks their best, all onlooker’s eyes will be drawn to those surfaces. It is for this reason that a product like P&S Shape Up is so important!

When you use P&S Shape Up on your rubber, vinyl, and leather your car will definitely turn heads as you’re driving down the road.

Not only will P&S Shape Up ensure that your rubber and vinyl have a natural shine and gloss, it will also ensure that your rubber and vinyl is protected from the elements. Tyres and exterior rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces have the tendency to deteriorate quickly if they do not have a sturdy layer of protection. P&S Shape Up is a water-based silicone dressing that will last for weeks, making sure that your rubber and vinyl do not crack, warp, or dull.

With its easy hand application process, P&S Shape Up makes sure that you can have all of your rubber and vinyl rejuvenated, protected, and smelling great in no time at all!


It is recommended that you clean and dry the surface you will be dressing before you apply P&S Shape Up Interior & Exterior Dressing. Spray P&S Shape Up onto an applicator pad of your choosing and then apply directly to the surface you are dressing. Then simply wipe off the excess product.

Directions for Use:-

1)  The area you are applying Shape Up to should be cleaned and dried prior to application.

2) Spray directly to the surface or hand apply by spraying Shape Up onto a microfibre applicator sponge and then applying to the surface.

3) Allow the product to dry for a few minutes and wipe off any excess product if required.

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