P&S Tyre Shine & Brush Bundle

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Restore that deep black shine to tyres with our exclusive P&S Tyre Shine & Brush Bundle.


This Bundle includes:


P&S Shine All Tyre & Interior Dressing

P&S Shine All Performance Water Based Tire Dressing leaves behind an extremely High-Gloss shine on the rubber it is applied to. The shine and protection are long-lasting and will always leave your car looking amazing. lt can be diluted to be used on other rubber surfaces on the exterior or even the interior of any vehicle.

Features and Benefits:
  • High gloss
  • Sprayable dressing
  • Water-based tyre dressing
  • Easy application
  • Formulated for rough tyre surfaces
  • Durable shine
  • Excels as an interior dressing
  • Clean and dry the area to be dressed prior to product application.
  • Spray on or hand apply with an applicator to the tyre.
  • Allow to dry to a glossy finish and wipe off excess material.

MaxShine Curved Grip XL Detailing Brush Ultra Soft Bristle

Achieve precise and comfortable detailing with MaxShine’s Curved Grip XL Detailing Brush. The Ultra-Soft bristle head is the perfect choice for delicate areas requiring a gentle touch. Its soft bristles ensure a tender and meticulous clean, ideal for intricate detailing tasks. With the ergonomic and chemical resistant handle, and swappable brush head capabilities, MaxShine’s Curved Grip XL Brush makes detailing a seamless experience. Get the utmost precision and care with the Ultra-Soft brush for your delicate detailing needs.

  • Sizable bristle heads for cleaning large areas
  • Ergonomic, full grip handle to keep your hand cramp-free
  • Ultra-soft bristles for delicate yet thorough cleaning
  • Chemical-resistant and rubberized handle material
  • Included drying/storage rack for optimum organisation and care


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