Pressol Industrial Double Action Sprayer (Red/Black)

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Colour: Red
Size: 500ml
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Pressol Industrial Double Action Sprayer 

Features and benefits:

  • Atomizer head with double action spray head freely positional so one press to spray twice
  • A flexible suction hose enables almost complete emptying at a working angle of 0°-180°

The spray head has a highly efficient double-action; this means that when the trigger is pulled, the spray is delivered and when released, the spray continues in an uninterrupted stream. This constant delivery is great for when you need to rapidly apply lots of products like a wheel cleaner or a clay lube.

The trigger in 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml variants are weighted, yet the dip tube is very flexible so that it will move around the bottom of the bottle with the liquid freely.

Even when the bottle is tilted at a slight angle (up to 180 degrees). This makes it easier to extract the chemicals especially when they are very low.

These bottles are rated for higher alkaline products because the draw tube and sprayer head is much more chemical resistant than those provided on the Pressol Household.

Please note:

  • The 1000ml Industrial bottle has a swivel trigger head, so the bottle will move around freely in the direction it is being positioned.
  • The 500ml and 750ml Industrial bottles have fixed trigger head, so the bottle will not move when being sprayed.
  • Thoroughly flush the system with clean water after use.
  • not suitable with Solvents and solvent-containing liquids

    Colour Options: Black or Red

    Bottle Dimensions: 


    • Height: 281mm
    • Base: 90mm
    • Weight: 0.14KG


    • Height: 313mm
    • Base: 100mm
    • Weight: 0.17KG


    • Height: 341mm
    • Base: 110mm
    • Weight: 0.20KG 


    Pressol Industrial 0-180 degrees

    Technical specifications:

    • Spray volume per double stroke:  1.4ml
    • Spray Angle: 50°
    • Range at a spray angle set to 50°: 600mm
    • Range at full beam: 4500m
    • Operating temperature range:+5 / +30 °C
    • Materials of the parts: HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
    • Compression spring and ball: INOX
    • Thoroughly flush the system with clean water after use.

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