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SCANGRIP Colour  MatchpenR

Light is a small handheld LED light manufactured with a high CRI value for perfect colour recognition. SCANGRIP Matchpen Light comes with a convenient clip that easily attaches to your shirt or pants pocket for ample mobility.
Don’t be fooled by the small size! SCANGRIP MatchpenR Light has a very powerful light output with an excellent focus function for a concentrated light beam ranging from 10° to 70°.

Good lighting is an important part of paint correction – especially when you’re looking to achieve perfection.

If you don’t have good lighting many of the swirls and scratches in the paint can go unmissed and continue to reduce the gloss. Thanks to many correction chemicals’ specifications, swirl and defect removal just isn’t possible in the sunlight. The solution? A high-quality “swirl finder” light!

SCANGRIP Matchpen R lets you hone your beam of light in specific areas for a thorough inspection.

SCANGRIP Matchpen provides more than enough lighting to find each and every paint defect for removal. SCANGRIP uses LED bulbs with a high CRI rating (Color Rendering Index) for ultimate colour matching – making it perfect for use in auto body shops that need exact results. Paint defects won’t have any place to hide when using the SCANGRIP Matchpen R Light!

Perfect for inspection before you begin, or during your last walk around the vehicle, SCANGRIP Matchpen Light is small enough to be easily held in your hand, and features a sturdy clip to attach to clothing when not in use. Powered by AAA batters (two already included) SCANGRIP Matchpen Light is a necessary addition to your detailing tool set.


Light Source Ultra high CRI COB LED
Luminous Flux, Max (Lumen) 100
Illuminance, Max (Lux) 8000
Illuminance, Min (Lux) 700
Illuminance Distance (Meter) 0.50
Beam Distance (Meter) 95
CRI Ra >92
CCT (Kelvin) 6500
CCT, Low (Kelvin) 4500
Adjustable Colour Temperature 2 temperatures
Beam Angle Main 10°-45°


Power source Rechargeable Battery
Battery type Li-ion
Battery capacity (mAh) 1100
Battery voltage (V) 3.70
Cable 1 m USB to mini DC
Charging voltage DC (V) 5.00
Charging current (A) 1.00
Charging input voltage (V) 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption (W) 2.50


Operating time, up to (hours) 2.50
Charging time (hours) 2.50
Ingress protection IP30
Operating temperature -10 to +40 °C
Impact resistance (meter) 1.00

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