SONAX ClearView 1:100 Concentrate

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SONAX ClearView 1:100 Concentrate

Features and Benefits

  • Economically pre-measured: 25 ml bottle gives 2.5 litres of cleaning fluid.
  • Removes insects, oils, soot, silicone and dangerous blinding films from your windscreen quickly, while driving.
  • Clear vision in seconds.
  • Compatible with paint, rubber and plastics.
  • Phosphate-free!


SONAX Clear View Windshield Wash Concentrate is an advanced, highly concentrated formula designed to clean your windshield of all contaminants quickly. SONAX Clear Veiw Windshield Wash Concentrate wil remove most vision impairing road debris such as insects, oil, road grime, and other dangerous films without streaking. 

SONAX Clear View Windshield Wash Concentrate is a specialised cleaner designed specifically for your windshield. The phosphate-free formula provides ultimate cleaning action without streaking to ensure you have a safe trip. Over time, the elements your glass is exposed to on a daily basis will form a film over your windshield, impairing your vision and just generally looking dirty. SONAX Clear View Windshield Wash Concentrate removes this film and leaves your windshield as clean as it’s ever been.

Many people neglect this area of the car until it’s too late. Have you ever driven at night with a streaky windshield and try to clean it, only to find out that your fluid is out!? Not only does this put you at risk for an accident, but now you have to deal with a dirty windshield. !

SONAX Clear View Concentrate can even be mixed with tap water (with any level of hardness) because of the anti-lime formula and is suitable for fan jet type nozzles.

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