SONAX PROFILINE EX 04-06 One Step cut and polish for DA 1L

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SONAX PROFILINE EX 04-06 One Step cut and polish for DA

This is the DA-specific version of SONAX Perfect Finish! 

SONAX EX 04-06 is the DA (dual action) version of the popular SONAX Perfect Finish.
It is formulated specifically for the unique random orbital action of the DA polisher.

SONAX EX 04-06 is aggressive enough to remove moderate paint imperfections while still offering the finishing quality of a fine cut polish.

SONAX EX 04-06 redefines what a medium cut polish is capable of. By utilising the most advanced diminishing abrasives ever milled, SONAX EX 04-06 is capable of removing moderate to heavy swirl marks, water spots and oxidation while finishing like a fine-cut polish.

Such impressive abrasive technology is the result of the stringent quality standards set forth by SONAX of Germany.

SONAX EX 04-06 is the example of a one-step polishing compound.

A traditional polishing system requires a second finishing step from a finer polish to maximise gloss and clarity.

  • SONAX EX 04-06 is rated at an impressive 4 for cut and an impeccable 6 for finish. 
  • Going by SONAX’s scale, a traditional medium-cut polish would rate at around a 2-3 for cut and a 4-5 for finish. SONAX EX 04-06 is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice cut in the name of a perfect finish!
  • Cut 4/6
  • Finish 6/6
  • SONAX EX 04-06 is VOC compliant and body shop safe.
  • SONAX EX 04-06 is silicone-free and it does not contain any waxes.
  • SONAX EX 04-06 can be used on all paint systems including scratch-resistant clear coats.

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