SONAX PROFILINE Ceramic Coating CC Evo Professional

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SONAX PROFILINE Ceramic Coating CC Evo Professional


Professional Use only! please Contact us to get Authorised for application. 

SONAX Profiline CC Evo Ceramic Coating. The top of the range two-stage coating. 

The professionals choice of long term paint sealing for the ultra slick and extremely saturated wet look. The long lasting durability and performance makes CC Evo a great choice for your vehicle.

The coating uses an SiO2 base coat with smooth, colour enhanced characteristics. Once cured, the Gloss coat is applied. This coat is Si-carbon technology based combining silica and carbon particles to create a durable, velvety smooth protective surface.

The hydrophobic (Water repellent) properties of CC Evo are of the highest calibre. Boasting a 110° water contact angle. Water will simply not be able to stick.

The gloss & colour saturation CC Evo provides is on another level entirely.

As CC Evo base and gloss coat chemically react with the paint, the fluid layer develops to provide a perfectly smooth feel and appearance. This is how the coating creates a mirror finish. 

It is also effective against dirt, dust and other environmental contaminants. Si-Carbon technology also helps to reduce the risk of light scratches and further damage to paint surfaces, providing an extremely durable protective layer.

Developed to work all types of exterior surfaces of a vehicle as well as matte paints, ppf and wraps. 
To maintain CC Evo, use our Xtreme Ceramic Series collection for the best results & ease of use. 

Product Benefits

✓ Durable and long-lasting.
✓ Extreme surface smoothness.
✓ Superior water beading.
✓ Deep colour restoration.
✓ High gloss.
✓ Time-efficient application.

What's in the box: 
- 1 x Prepare 100ml
- 1 x Basecoat 75ml
- 1 x Glosscoat 40ml
- 3 x Applicators 
- 1 x Instruction Manual
- 1 x Pair of gloves

How to Apply CC EVO:

 Confirm you are satisfied with the current condition of your paintwork. If your vehicle is relatively new or well-maintained, proceed to step 2. If your paintwork has swirl marks, scratches & other defects - cutting & polishing can usually restore your paint to its former glory. 

 Ensure the paintwork is clean, and free of any contaminants/sealants.  Use SONAX Profiline Prepare(Included in kit) and microfibre to clean all areas to be coated. 

3. Apply CC Evo in a facility with good lighting & ventilation. Apply a liberal amount of CC Evo base coat to your applicator to prime the pad. 

4. In a crisscross pattern (horizontal passes on the section & vertical passes on the section), apply CC Evo basecoat. Allowing to bond briefly (temperature variable) & then proceed to flatten off excess material until streak free. Use a clean microfibre cloth. 

5. Allow 1 hour of curing time once the basecoat stage has been completed. Usually the 1 hour curing time will have been reached once one returns to the first panel. 

6. Repeat this process over the entire vehicle with the gloss coat. Two applicators are provided for the gloss coat as the serum may harden half way through the application. 

You can apply CC Evo over a panel approx 1/4 a bonnet in size at a time.

Curing time is approx 6 hours minimum. You can reduce the curing time by 50% by irradiation using infrared lamps. After 12 hours the maximum gloss has built. Do not wash the vehicle for the first 7 days after application. 


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