SONAX PROFILINE Ultimate Cut 6+ Heavy Cutting Compound-Heavy Cutting Compound-SONAX-1L-Detailing Shed

SONAX PROFILINE Ultimate Cut 6+ Heavy Cutting Compound

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SONAX PROFILINE Ultimate Cut - Heavy Cutting Compound

Features and Benefits

  • Removes up to P800 grit sanding marks with a rotary polisher and up to P1000 grit sanding marks with a dual action polisher.
  • Contains high purity extremely hard aluminum oxide that provides powerful and an even abrasion to the surface.
  • Low dust technology makes it clean and economical to work with - easy wipe-off.
  • Body shop safe - formulated without any fillers or silicone.
  • Ultimate Cut is a more aggressive initially compared to cutmax. As the compound degrades as you polish  it leaves a similar finish as compared to CutMax. Ultimate Cut was developed for uses looking for a more efficient way to remove deeper imperfections.

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