SONAX XTREME Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer

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SONAX XTREME Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer

A detailer with ceramic technology that is easy to apply with fast paintwork care.

Product Benefits

✓ Provides an extremely smooth surface.
✓ Creates a mirror finish.
✓ Superficial soilings, such as dust and fingerprints etc.  Can be removed quickly.
✓ No streaks!
✓ Renews existing ceramic sealants.
✓ Generates beading effect.
✓ Suitable for vehicles with decals.


The XTREME Ultra Slick Detailer yields extremely smooth paint in the blink of an eye, allowing it to shine in its full glory! With a mirror-like gloss. Slight surface soiling, such as dust, fingerprints, etc., can be removed rapidly and without smears. Refresh existing ceramic seals and creates a beading effect. Also, suitable to use on a vehicle surface where decals are applied.

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