SONAX XTREME Cockpit Cleaner Matt Finish

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SONAX XTREME Dashboard Cleaner matte finish

Features and Benefits 

  • An agent that cleans and maintains all interior plastic car parts.
  • Has a matt finish, that matches the natural surfaces of your dashboard, no glare! 
  • Versatile and may be used on many different finishes inside your car. 
  • Dust repellent prevents electrostatic charging.
  • No silicone
  • Solvent-free
  • Dashboard, kick plates, gets them clean!
  • Leaves a refreshing fragrance


SONAX Cockpit Cleaner is the universal cleaner and protectant for the inside of your vehicle. The easy spray-on emulsion formula gently and effectively cleans textured and soft matte finishes such as the dashboard and other synthetic interiors. SONAX Cockpit Cleaner leaves a low-glare, anti-static finish that complements any vehicle.

Regular use of SONAX Cockpit Cleaner helps maintain and nourish all soft plastic interiors for a conditioned interior and long-lasting, like-new look.

Once applied, the anti-static properties actually repel dust and dirt particles, providing a just-cleaned finish for weeks.

Sticky, high gloss dash dressings can actually attract dust.

SONAX Dashboard Cockpit keeps your dash dust-free!

Your interior will not only look clean, it will smell clean. SONAX Cockpit Cleaner has a fresh scent. Rather than buying a separate air freshener, you get the benefit of a clean and clean-smelling auto interior from just one product.

SONAX Dashboard Cleaner leaves a natural-looking finish on interior plastics, vinyl, and rubber. The non-silicone formula repels dust and stays cleaner longer than conventional interior products. Instead of silicone, SONAX Dashboard Cleaner contains surface-safe ingredients created by Sonax to naturally enhance and condition the surface. The non-greasy, matte finish looks and feels like a new vehicle.

Use a soft, clean Cobra microfiber towel or applicator to apply SONAX Dashboard Cleaner. The static charge of microfiber attracts and holds dust and dirt to completely remove it from the surface. Microfiber loops provide polishing action to remove more stubborn spots and spills on plastics. Cleaned surfaces will have an attractive, matte finish and a pleasant, clean scent.

SONAX Dashboard Cleaner is packaged in a convenient pump spray. Clean and condition interior surfaces with auto care technology from Sonax.

Silicone and solvent-free.

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