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Restore and condition tires for weeks of shine!

SONAX Tyre Gloss Gel revitalises rubber to give tyres a showroom semi-gloss finish that lasts!

SONAX Tyre Gloss Gel’s dual action cleans and conditions the rubber to restore the deep black colour and satin luster.

Each application lasts for several weeks!

Many tyre dressings only provide short-term glossy coating. The shine also fades quickly if the car is driven, especially in wet conditions.

SONAX Tyre Gloss Gel is not a tire dressing, but a rubber cleaner and conditioner that penetrates and revives the rubber particles of your tyres. SONAX Tire Gloss Gel is rich in specially engineered silicone, achieving an intense, semi-gloss, showroom shine.

Tyres will look like new! SONAX Tyre Gloss Gel even brings out the brilliance on weather-worn tires.

SONAX's lasting protective finish repels dirt and moisture to maintain the shine through washing, rain, and day-to-day driving. After all, a tyre protectant has to be able to stand up to everyday conditions to be truly effective. You can count on SONAX Tyre Gloss Gel to withstand the elements.

SONAX Tire Gloss Gel cleans, conditions, and revitalises rubber in one easy-on step. 

This sophisticated rubber enhancement technology comes straight from Sonax, Europe’s leader in car care innovations.

Features and Benefits

  • Preserves and Protects tyres against cracking and colour fading.
  • Produces a wet black deep showroom shine!
  • Lasts several weeks.
  • Conditioning Formula, hydrating the rubber with rich silicone.
  • 1x bottle can dress up to 50x tyre applications

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