MaxShine Hydro-Tech Tyre Gel Applicator - Large

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MaxShine Hydro-Tech Tyre Gel Applicator - Large

The MaxShine Tyre Dressing Applicator is designed to absorb and evenly redistribute your choice of tyre gel or dressing.

Grooved lines in the soft foam bottom contour to the tyre for perfect distribution of product. Topped with a firm foam handle, the MaxShine Tyre Dressing Applicator gives you the ability to grip and create gloss with minimal effort.

Creating a shine that sticks to your tyres is a combined effort of proper cleaning and dressing application.

Enduring all the time it takes to prep your tyres should indicate how important the final step truly is. Most tyre gels and dressings are made with a low viscosity point, this makes application of those gels exceedingly difficult to apply in a consistent level on the tyre.

This is where the MaxShine Tyre Dressing Applicator shines. The soft open cell foam consumes just the right amount of product to redistribute it evenly onto the tyre and avoid over application. The key points of the MaxShine Tyre Dressing Applicator can be applied to trim dressings as well. Coating all your exterior plastics evenly to create a flawless finish.

Its not the cheapest but it is my go to tyre dressing applicator.

size: 8.5cm x 9.5cm 

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