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Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool 

A must have to clean your car interior glass and also all you windows at home. Its also the best tool for cleaning mirrors at home.

The Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool makes it faster and easier to clean any glass surface. It is 35 CM in length  which you can reach tight areas with ease.

That’s exactly what the Reach & Clean Tool gives you! The long handle and pivoting cleaning head give you easy access to the far corners of your windshield or back window. 2 x included bonnets leave glass clean and streak-free. The Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool works on any glass surface!

The Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool makes it easy to get invisible glass! The triangular head pivots to clean sloped windshields and back windows. Plus, you can reach the entire windshield from the driver’s seat. Clean glass on cars, boats, 4WD's, glass tables, mirrors, glass doors, and any other glass surface.

Use Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner to get clean, streak-free results.

Remove fingerprints, smudges, streaks, dust, water spots, smoke film, and more. The included microfiber bonnet leaves no lint and wipes away streaks to leave glass unbelievably clean!

Made with durable plastic and a comfort-grip handle, Stoner's Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool is designed with your convenience in mind. Its triangular head boasts a foam layer for a gentle touch against glass, so you can start cleaning with one of the two included bonnets right away!

Features and benefits:

  • Flexible pivoting head cleans curved surfaces

  • The triangular head design reaches deep into corners

  • 35cm  handle extends your reach

  • Comfortable foam handle gives a firm grip

  • Allows cleaning at awkward angles without stress

  • Allows faster cleaning of difficult glass surfaces

  • Home Mirrors, Glass

  • Best for interior Glass windows 


  • Use a flat end of pivoting head to reach large spaces. The triangular feature fits tight corners.
  • Spray glass cleaner directly on glass then easily shine surface with the Reach & Clean Tool. Use the Reach & Clean Tool to wipe away over-spray and dust from the dash.
  • Always use a clean, dry microfiber bonnet to ensure glass isn’t overly saturated with cleaner. Excess moisture can result in streaks.
  • Glass Cleaning and protection here

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