The Rag Company jersey scrubbing "bug scrubber" pad


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The Rag Company jersey scrubbing "bug scrubber" pad

See Video on removing bugs from your car without scratching.

All the products discussed in the video are on the site.

Another video using some of the optimum products with the jersey scrubbing "bug scrubber"

Product Details:

  • Easily and Effectively Traps Bug Guts, Tar and Foreign Matter in the Webbed Sponge During Use
  • The bug scrubbing pad
  • Safe for All Finishes, Paints and Clearcoat
  • Perfect 11cm x15" Size + Slim Design Ensures Easy Access Working Around Tight Curves and Contours
  • Versatile Dual-Surface Detailing Tool - Soft Scrub Mesh on One Side + Soft Microfiber Terry-Weave on the Other Side
  • Superior Results to Standard Sponges or Towels
  • Keep Handy & Ready to Use While Soaking in Your Cleaning Bucket
  • Low-Profile Shape Also Designed to Easily Scrub Dirty Dishes and Angled Surfaces
  • Lint-Free / Extra Absorbent
  • Excellent Choice for All Auto / Marine / RV / Airplane / Cycle Cleaning
  • Extremely Durable - Able to Withstand Hundreds or Even Thousands of Uses with Proper Care


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