The Rag Company The Liquid8r Drying Towel

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Colour: Aqua
Size: 40cm X 40cm (16" x 16"Inch)
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The Rag Company The Liquid8r Twist Loop Microfibre Drying Towel

You want a drying towel that feels substantial and absorbs everything it touches.

A simple ask, but you know that The Rag Company had to put their own TWIST on things! Introducing the Liquid8r Drying Towel from The Rag Company. This Twist Loop Drying Towel has the “flop” and satisfying weight that many people love in drying towels (1100gsm!). Featuring a Premium 70/30 Blend and hemmed “hidden” edge, this large 63cm x 91cm towel is tough on water but SOFT on paint! The idea behind the Liquid8r was to create an affordable Premium Microfibre Drying Towel that could be appreciated by Car Enthusiasts and Professionals everywhere! Compared to our other Premium Drying Towels, the Liquid8or features a longer “loop” design and introduces a unique color to our TRC drying towel lineup. Everyone has a preference when it comes to drying towels, but the Liquid8r is our recommendation for anyone new to Microfiber Drying towels. You got water? Let the Liquid8r make it DISAPPEAR!

For the best experience with the Liquid8r Drying towel, we recommend pairing it with P&S Paint Gloss as an effective DRYING AID! We find that Twist Loop weaves glide much smoother on paint with the help of a drying aid.

Features and Benefits

  • Size options 40cm x 40cm, 50cmx60cm, 63cmx91cm
  • Colours:- Aqua and Grey ( As per photo)
  • Premium Blend:- 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide
  • Weight:- 1,100GSM (Grams per Square Meter)
  • Border / Edging:- Hemmed Hidden/Edgeless Design
  • Material:-100% Split Microfiber (Twist Loop Weave)
  • Country of Origin:- China

Detailing Shed Tips:

At Detailing Shed we love using  2 x Medium 50cm x 60cm for the body of the car. For medium to small cars just start with one and if needed Purchase another medium size. 

The small 40 x 40cm is great for smaller areas such as bumper bars and is great for the lower part of the car as it will not drag to the ground. 

The larger size tends to get heavy, but again this will be a personal choice. 

Please Note: Due to the long-closed loop structure of the Liquid8r, a loop may occasionally snag while drying. Simply take a pair of scissors and snip the thread to return the towel to new. Due to the unique tight weave design, there is no reason for any concerns about unraveling.  We recommend washing the towels after every use to preserve the absorption and soft feel.

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