The Rag Company – Ultra Black Sponge
Ultra-Black-Sponge-Action with IK foamer
Ultra-Black-Sponge-Action- cleaning glass
The Rag Company – Ultra Black Sponge
The Rag Company – Ultra Black Sponge-WASH PAD-The Rag Company-Ultra Black Sponge-Detailing Shed

The Rag Company – Ultra Black Sponge

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The Rag Company – Ultra Black Sponge

The Rag Company's exclusive ULTRA BLACK SPONGE represents the latest in foam technology and an evolution in design based upon the famous Big Red Sponge!

The new ergonomic shape makes it much easier to hold for all hand sizes resulting in an increase of performance for everybody. Add a softer feel, easy care, increased durability and the ability to use with both Rinseless and Soap Washes and you have simply the best wash sponge available ANYWHERE!

The ULTRA BLACK SPONGE is available at Detailing Shed now.

Features and Benefits

 Size:18cm x 13cm x 8cm

  • Newest: Most advanced world-class foam wash sponge design and technology.
  • Efficient ergonomic design: Easier to hold and softer feel delivers increased performance.
  • Advanced foam cell structure: Excellent with both Rinseless and soap washes. upgrade from older red sponge technology only designed for Rinseless washes.
  • Easy care & extreme durability: With proper care, the ultra black sponge can deliver hundreds of uses.




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