The Rag Company Ultra Wool Wheel Mitt (2 Pack)


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The Rag Company ULTRA Wool Wheel Mitt

Maneuverability, ease of use, softness, and comfort are some of the ways to describe the ULTRA Wool Wheel Mitt. Offered exclusively from The Rag Company, this easy-to-use wheel mitt fits comfortably over your fingers so you can scrub between wheel spokes, around beadlock screws, and inside design accents easily.

They come with our ButterSoft Suede cuff that is both soft and absorbent so you can wash in comfort. Plus with no tags or outside edges, you can scrub without worrying about scratching your wheel's paint or finish. 

Microfiber Care

Read our microfiber care instructions. When you are done washing, use the suede hanging loop to hang dry or dry on a low heat setting.

Store them in the reusable clamshell packaging until their next use.

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