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Wheel Woolies cleaning Mercedes AMG Rims

1C WHEEL WOOLIES PLUS 3 PK, Extra long [Made in USA]

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Wheel Woolies Plus  Extra long - the USA

"Cleaning your wheels and tight areas around your vehicle has never been easier"

This will last you many years as they are the best in the industry. I have been using the same set for over 4 years, and the condition is excellent. 

Introducing wheel woollies plus 3 pack, the ultimate wheel cleaning tools. They are safe on any wheel finish, and the compressible wool allows for deep cleaning even in the most intricate of areas - whilst keeping your hands away from the wheel and contaminants while cleaning.

The pack includes: 3 Pack Wheel Woolies Colour Black/Red. (Handle is black)

  1. Wheel Woolies Plus - Large 46cm (4x5") perfect for cleaning inside rims with large gaps between spokes, wheel arches and can be useful for cleaning exhaust tips/pipes.
  2. Wheel Woolies Plus - Medium 46cm (1.875"x5") for cleaning in between brake calipers and the rims, in between small gaped rims and even in engine bays
  3. Wheel Woolies Plus - Small 20cm (1"x3") great cleaning in between close spoked wheels, in grills and other small areas. 


  • To use any Wheel Woolie, spray the wheel with the wheel cleaner of your choice.
  • Then dip the Wheel Woolie into wash water and agitate the wheel.
  • Rinse each wheel and dry it with a soft towel to avoid spotting.

After use, give the Wheel Woolie a good rinse and shake out the excess water. Leave to dry and store away. Wheel Woolies in the video below are over 4 years old. (Photo is the new Black/Red style)