Best Wall Mounted Pressure Washer Set Up

We created the best wall mount pressure washer package in Australia to be completely functional and consist only of premium parts and accessories. The Kranzle Pressure Washer Wall Package V2 Complete setup will change your life. Whether it's for car detailing or a food production facility, the setup caters to your needs.

The pressure put out by a pressure cleaner is measured in PSI Pounds per Square Inch. LPM litres per minute measures how much water your pressure cleaner puts out per minute. RPM refers to how hard the motor is working.


Here is what our Wall Package V2 consists of:

  • Pressure WasherKranzle KHD10/122 is the best unit and Detailing Shed pick for car detailing and food production facilities. It has full auto-start/stop motor when not in use. It’s a true workhorse that can be used daily, which is why it’s the best electric pressure washer for a wall mount setup.        You have the option to choose between KHD10/122 and KHD07/122. 
    • Kranzle KHD10/122 has a water flow of 10 litres per minute at 2800 rpm. While the KHD10/122 may come with a higher price tag compared to the KHD07/122, it offers increased RPM and water flow, making it a more powerful option. It requires a 15Amp Powerpoint. If you don't have a 15 Amp PowerPoint you can use a standard PowerPoint with an Ampfibian Adapter more info here approx $99 from Bunnings.
    • Kranzle KHD07/122 has a water flow of 7 litres per minute at 1400rpm motor. Since it's RPM is lower it is more quiet compared to the KHD10/122 at 2800rpm Motor. KHD07/122 requires only the 10Amp Standard powerpoint which you already have.
  • Stainless Steel Shelf: 300mm x 600mm The shelf allows us to mount our pressure washer on top of it. We have this custom-made specifically for this setup. You will need to also secure the shelve with a few U type C-clamp
  • Hose Reel: COXREELS Hand Crank Hose Reel is US-made, no-frills, super high quality, compact reel that fits nicely underneath our 18” stainless steel shelf we sell with this package. The smoothness of this reel when you’re winding and unwinding is just incredible. This piece alone is what makes this whole wall mounting system worth it. 
  • High Pressure Hose: MTM Hydro smooth KobraJet 4,000 PSI non-marking hose features a thicker inner wall to prevent gashes and ruptures and is great for any pressure washing application. You have the option of 15m,  23m, or 30m length to accommodate your requirements.
    • 30 Metres: Great for long driveways, but we do recommend to get the correct length you need.  if you still go for 30m you will not be disappointed with the pressure on 30m if needed. 
    • 23 Metres: Our most popular length. 
    • 15 Metres: All you need to wash 2 cars comfortably. 
    • Foam CannonMTM Hydro PF22.2 made in Italy, this high-quality foam cannon it is the best on the market. It has adjustable fan blades, and a two-stage nozzle allowing you to spray vertically and horizontally. You can also control the amount of foam. 
    • Lance and Spray Gun: All lances are a must, it gives guidance when holding it. Perfect for reaching the roof of the car, being able to adjust the nozzle. Our Stainless Steel Lances have a Bend which is designed to stop you from having to stand on a ladder to clean your car roof or van. You have 3 options - Mosmatic, MTM Hydro and Acqualine Blue Series. Your choice, its personal.
      • Mosmatic Gun and Mosmatic lance: Manufactured in Switzerland, they have the most precise Quick connects, they are also very smooth. 
      • MTM Kits: Manufactured in Italy, The MTM quick connect fittings are manufactured in China. 
      • All Fittings: All fittings are pre-installed for your convenience
    • Kranzle Gun and Lance: You will receive an additional original Kranzle  lance and gun with our V2 complete package. We provide an M22 Plug to make original gun able to quick connect on your new setup.

    Shop Kranzle Pressure Washer Wall Package V2 Complete -The package is customisable further upon request.


    Additional Accessories

    • Mosmatic Wall-Mounted Lance Holder: A solid construction of high quality stainless steel materials. The best place to store your Pressure washer Gun/Lance after use. Having a spot to place your wand makes it easier to grab and rinse while maintaining organisation.


    V2 Complete Custom Set Ups

    • Kranzle KHD10/122
    • MTM KobraJet BLUE hose (23M)
    • MTM KobraJet 4,000 PSI Smooth Blue Whip Line (3 Feet)
    • Stainless-steel Splashback from Bunnings


    • Kranzle KHD10/122
    • MTM KobraJet GRAY hose (23M)
    • Custom Shelf 60cm X 35.5cm
    • Mosmatic OG Lance, Gun & MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon (Not shown in image)


    • Kranzle KHD10/122
    • MTM KobraJet BLUE hose (23M)
    • Mosmatic Lance, Gun & MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon

    Purpose & Usage

    • Car Detailing Studio: Our complete V2 package is designed to meet the specific needs of detailing professionals, offering superior performance and efficiency. With a focus on durability and functionality, the wall-mounted setup optimises space and provides easy access to the powerful Kranzle unit, ensuring a seamless and productive detailing experience.
    • Food Production Facilities: Our complete V2 package has also been successfully employed by numerous food production facilities. We have sold to several of these facilities and always get positive feedback of how they serve the purpose great. The above Kranzle machines are cold machines, so if a hot machine is needed we also cater to this.



    • Though the initial cost may appear high, the long-term value becomes evident with a durable, high-quality machine, warranty coverage, and continuous support.
    • Many of our customers initially hesitated to invest in a Kranzle unit. After trying two to three other brands, they eventually returned to choose Kranzle, realising that although the initial price is higher, the value it provides is well worth the investment.



    • The Kranzle unit comes with a 5-year warranty, and the brass pump head has a 10-year warranty.
    • When you choose Detailing Shed for your Pressure Washer Package, you not only receive a premium product but also a supportive experience beyond the initial purchase. and ongoing assistance to address any queries or challenges you may encounter. 


    Service & Oil Change

    • Kranzle recommends changing the oil after the first 50-hours of use, which can also be purchased from us here.
    • Make sure to stay on top of servicing your Kranzle unit to prevent any potential issues. Ensure the unit undergoes servicing after reaching 200 hours. Servicing for Kranzle Pressure Washers are offered here at Detailing Shed. 
    • Kranzle makes it easy for people to get their pressure washers serviced with their extensive network of service centers across Australia.



    • Cost: Enjoy free shipping with our packages, as we cover the $60 shipping fee included in the package price.
    • Dispatch Locations: We ship Australia Wide. Our pressure washers are dispatched from both Sydney and Melbourne.
    • Courier Service: Our pressure washer package is shipped exclusively through courier services, as they cannot be accommodated by Australia Post. Your order will be delivered in multiple carefully packaged boxes for optimal protection.
    • Pickups: Pickups are conveniently offered from our Caringbah warehouse in NSW. 


    Why Choose Detailing Shed?

    • Premium Product Quality: At Detailing Shed, we only offer top of the range quality and performance for the pressure washer set up. Well established brands like Kranzle (Germany), MTM Hydro (Italy), Coxreels (USA) & Mosmatic (Switzerland).
    • Customisation Options: We provide custom options for our Kranzle wall-mounted pressure washer packages. We work with you to tailor the package to your individual needs.
    • Expert Advice: Our team at Detailing Shed consist of experts in the field who are dedicated to providing you with valuable advice and guidance.
    • Ongoing Customer Support: We are committed to addressing any queries or challenges you may encounter post-purchase including servicing, unit issues and technical questions.
    • Fair Pricing: We strive to provide competitive and reasonable prices for our Kranzle wall-mounted pressure washer packages, ensuring that you get excellent value for your investment. While we may not always offer the lowest prices for these set ups we encourage you to prioritise your purchase based on your needs being comprehensive support, rather than solely on price. 
    • Ease of Purchase & Delivery: We ensures a seamless purchasing process, and we take care of the logistics for the delivery of your pressure washer package, making the entire transaction convenient for you. 
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