3D Bodyshop Starter Kit


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3D Bodyshop Starter Kit

The NEW 3D Bodyshop box is the ideal collection of 3D products for the Bodyshop looking to get started with 3D products.
Filled with the tools you need to leave your repaired jobs looking better than new, this kit will set you up for decontaminating surfaces, cutting out scratches and leaving a flawless finish and depth to the paintwork.

ACA510 Premium Rubbing Compound is aggressive enough to correct the hardest new ceramic clear coats and also works extremely well with soft clears. ACA 510 is water-based, which makes it easy to use, easy to clean-up. 
Containing NO harmful solvents or OSHA regulated CRYSTALLINE SILICA this makes it the perfect compound to have in a bodyshop environment.

ACA520 Finishing Polish leaves a hologram-free, glass-like finish without the need of adding fillers, which eliminates the possibility of “dye-back.”
520 will leave a swirl-free finish and bring out the depth in the paintwork leaving a flawless finish everytime.

Included in the Bodyshop box:

  • 3D ACA 510 946ml
  • 3D ACA 520 946ml
  • 3D 5.75" Flexible Backing Plate
  • 3D 6" Yellow Xtra Cut Wool Pad
  • 3D 6.5" Dark Purple Spider Cutting Pad
  • 3D 6.5" Light Purple Spider Cut/Polish Pad
  • 3D 6.5" Black Spider Foam Polishing Pad
  • Cleaning Tool for Wool Pads
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Purewax Waterless Wash/Detailer 474ml
  • Purewax Clay Towel

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