Koch-Chemie Colorful Yellow Cy – Colour Concentrate 1L

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Koch-Chemie Colorful Yellow Cy – Colour Concentrate 1L

Note: This is not a shampoo just a colour

Koch-Chemie‘s colour concentrate Cb colours Super Foam, Active Foam and other KCX shampoos to create an appealing Yellow-coloured foam.

With the dye solution, the colour intensity of the car shampoo can be varied. KCX shampoo products retain extraordinary foam and fragrance characteristics as well as excellent cleaning performance.

Recommendations for Use

Add colour concentrate shampoo or foam. Colour intensity can be varied by adding different amounts. Recommended ratio: 1:20.

Dilution Mix: 20:1 e.g. 50ml of colour to 950ml of shampoo

Dilution Ratio  Total Amount of Colour Amount Shampoo
1 to 20 500ml 25ml 475ml
1 to 20 1L 50ml 950m
1 to 20 5L 250ml 4.5 lt



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