Kranzle K1152TST upgraded with QC Professional Pressure Washer

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Kranzle K1152TST Professional Pressure Washer will be my favourite and best pressure washer I have in my store 

Made in Germany, 5 year commercial warranty 

10-year warranty on the brass pump head

  1. Robust cold water high-pressure cleaner 10amp (2800rpm) with Single-part Roto-Mold-chassis, including storage for accessories, integrated hose reel, and 15M HP hose. Total – Stop automatic switch-off function and low-pressure detergent application.
  2. High-quality, high-performance units designed for use in light to medium industrial usage. Operates up to 1885psi (3700epsi) with a water flow of 10 litres per minute. which is ideal for pressure washing and foaming your car.
  3. Why is the K1152TST such a power pack? This unit comes standard with a built-in  15M hose reel and a Dirtkiller. Boosting the effective working pressure to 3,200psi, it can handle any medium-sized job!
  4. What is the advantage of a steel braided hose? It lasts much longer than fabric braid - it's also a non-kinking hose.
  5. Car Washing advantages with 15m Hose: I regularly wash 2 cars at the same time, the hose is 15M in length so no need to move the machine around the cars.

Features and Equipment

  1. Easy-start – NEW!
  2. Total-Stop system
  3. Low-pressure detergent
  4. Hose drum with HP hose, massive 15 m NW 6
  5. Trigger gun with safety catch 'M2000'
  6. Dirtkiller lance with a stainless steel pipe
  7. Vario jet lance with a stainless steel pipe  

Special brass pump head

  1. The pump head is manufactured by Kränzle in Germany from forged special brass and guarantees an extremely long service life.
  2. Continuously adjustable pressure and quantity control
  3. The operating pressure and thus the quantity of water can be set accurately depending on the cleaning task.
  4. Total-Stop system The K1152 TS T switches off the motor as soon as the trigger gun is released. When the trigger gun is squeezed again, the machine restarts. The motor and pump only run when they are actually needed, reducing wear, noise and saving electricity. Pump and motor are discharged leading not only to a significant prolongation of the service life but to energy savings as well.
  5. Stainless steel pressure gauge

The K 1152 TS T is equipped with a large, clearly visible, glycerine-dampened stainless steel pressure gauge. Kränzle quality in every detail.

Technical specifications

  1. Operating pressure, continuously adjustable 30-130 bar / 3-13 MPa
  2. Max. admissible overpressure 150 bar / 15 MPa
  3. Water output 10 l/min (600 l/h )
  4. max. inlet water temperature max. 60 °C
  5. Nozzle size, Dirtkiller 042
  6. Nozzle size, flat jet nozzle Vario -Jet 042
  7. Motor speed 2,800 r.p.m.
  8. Connected load 230 V, 12,0 A , 50 Hz
  9. Power intake 2,8 kW
  10. Power output 2,0 kW
  11. Weight 35 kg
  12. Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 360 x 365 x 870
  13. Features & Equipment
  14. Easy start
  15. Total -Stop system
  • Low-pressure detergent
  • Hose drum
  • Steel braided high-pressure hose, 15 m NW 6
  • Trigger gun with safety catch ‚M 2000‘
  • Dirtkiller lance with a stainless steel pipe
  • Vario -Jet lance with a stainless steel pipe

Please call us if you need advice on what unit will work best for you. We are happy to assist.  Phone 02 9527 1850

please note:  this item cannot be sent with australia post or express post only on a pallet via TNT as 35kg

Product Manual: K1152 manual

Why invest in a Kranzle Pressure washer here

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