McKee’s 37 Graphene Auto Wash (946ml/3.8L)

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McKee’s 37 – Graphene Auto Wash

This pH-balanced formula will extend the life of your existing wax-coating. 

McKee’s 37 Graphene Auto Wash is our highest-foaming wash formulation to date. 

This thick, gel-like formula can be used in a wash bucket or a foam gun.  With a quick blast of water, Graphene Auto Wash produces mountains of frothy suds that cling to your vehicle, helping release the grip of dirt and road grime so it can be safely washed away.

  • PH Balanced, Graphene Resin Infused, Non-Alkaline Shampoo
  • Wash your Car in Direct Sunlight
  • Can Dry on Paint Without Spotting
  • High Foaming & Highly Lubricious
  • Designed to Maintain Coated Vehicles
  • Can Be Used on Uncoated Vehicles


Graphene Auto Wash can be used to maintain a graphene-coated vehicle or a vehicle that has a traditional wax or sealant.  Regardless of the type of wax-coating, Graphene Auto Wash will enhance the shine while adding its own UV protection.  This easy-rinsing formula will not leave a film on the paint, even when working in direct sunlight.  As a matter of fact, McKee’s 37 formulated this cutting-edge auto wash to be safe to dry on the paint to help reduce water spots (more on that in the directions).  McKee’s 37 Graphene Auto Wash is a no-compromise formula!


  1. Add 30ml of McKee’s 37 Graphene Auto Wash for every 3.8lt of water in your wash bucket.
  2. Starting at the top of the vehicle and working your way down, wash the surface using TRC Ultra Wash Mitt or a TRC Cyclone Bone Wash Sponge or  TRC Cyclone Mini Wash Pad
  3. It’s important to rinse and reload your wash mitt frequently, to help prevent wash-induced swirl marks.
  4. Unlike a traditional car wash that requires frequent rinsing, Graphene Auto Wash has been formulated to be able to dry on the surface and still be free rinsing without leaving any water spots/marks.
  5. Once the entire vehicle has been washed, rinse it off and proceed to dry it with your choice of  Microfibre Drying Towels.  To enhance the gloss and slickness even further, use McKee’s 37 Graphene Detail Spray as a drying aid. 

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