13C The Rag Company Cyclone Bone Premium Korean Microfiber Wash Sponge


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The Rag Company new CYCLONE BONE Wash Sponge is absolutely the FINEST professional quality plush microfibre detailing wash sponge value you will find – Premium 70/30 Blend Korean quality, premium performance, at premium value! Its large 10″ x 6″ x 3″ size is perfect for this type of higher-end microfibre wash sponge. TRC has responded to numerous online forum requests, emails and calls from around the world to create a larger, high-quality microfibre sponge than previously available. These are NOT “cheap knock-off’s” made from inferior materials.


  • Size:- 6 x 10 inches (16cm x 26cm)
  • Colors:- Blue/White
  • Blend:- 70% Polyester 30% Polyamide Material
  • Material:-100% Korean Split Microfibre
  • Country of Origin:- South Korea

Recommended Uses:-

 Premium Wash Sponge:

  • Superior softness & absorbency: Hundreds of thousands of premium AA-Grade (highest grade) 70/30 blend split Korean microfibres per square inch that hold a huge amount of your favorite suds
  • Extremely safe & effective: Long, luxurious fibers that quickly and safely encapsulate all dirt and road grime from your vehicle and then easily rinse free for the next pass
  • Highest-quality construction: The finest materials and seams that are carefully double-stitched and hidden for the ultimate in protection and durability
  • Extreme field-tested microfiber material and foam padding: Materials tested around the world in all conditions to find the perfect microfibre / foam pad combination
  • Perfect partner with P & S Sales Pearl car wash: Create a world-class level of lubrication to safely glide over all types of paint and greatly reduce washing induced marring
  • Built-to-last durability: With proper care The Rag Company’s CYCLONE 10X Wash Pad will last and last through seasons of washes
  • Manufactured in South Korea on the Highest Quality German microfibre production equipment (Karl Mayer)



  • Gentle Hand Wash/Rinse Highly Recommended (Certain Types of Wash Machines with Aggressive Agitators/Cycles Can Damage Any Type of Wash Mitt, Pad, or Sponge).
  • Wash with Mild Liquid Detergent (Free of Dyes, Fragrances, Bleach & Softeners) and Hang to Air Dry.
  • OPTION: Add 1/4 Cup of White Distilled Vinegar or Effective All-Purpose Cleaner (example: OPTIMUM Power Clean) to Increase Softness and Help Remove Any Detailing Product Residue
  • After the wash, the sponge may become more pliable.
  • Do NOT Use Any Fabric Softener as this Clogs the Microfibers and Reduces Performance. Do NOT Use Chlorine Bleach, Wash Only with Other Non-Linting Materials (NO Cotton!) to Maintain Proper Dirt-Gripping Properties.
  • NOTE: If Microfiber Seam is Punctured/Compromised at All, Do Not Machine Wash. Once the Foam Padding has been Exposed there is a High Risk of the Foam Getting Shredded by Certain Aggressive Types of Wash Machine Agitators/Cycles (Typically Top-Loading) and then Sticking to other Microfiber Products in Same Wash.
  • Always wash new microfiber products prior to first use.
  • Always wash newer black, orange, red and other dark colored products separately from lighter colored products to mitigate the risk of dye bleeding.


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