Obsessed Garage Tire Dressing

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Obsessed Garage Tire Dressing


The info below is from Matt from OG

The Obsessed Garage Tire Dressing is finally here! This product started out with my friend and OG follower Scott sending me a small sample and he didn't bother me asking if I checked it out or constantly asking if I had used it.

I was originally going to throw it in the trash, but then Bryce tried it out on the M3.  After seeing the results on the M3, he told me that I really needed to check it out.  After a few weeks of testing, I found it to be similar to PERL but requires less aggressive prep for it to be accepted by the rubber.  It seems to last a little bit longer, but the main advantage is how dark and uniforms it looks.

The application is similar to how I apply PERL on tires. I suggest using a Detail Factory Curveball Brush  for applying the dressing and use a wheel and tire towel for the wiping of high spots and leveling of the finish for a satin look.  


  •  Clean tires with your favourite rubber and tire cleaner.
  •  Spray dressing onto a brush and work it into the cleaned surface. 
  •  Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes then buff off high spots with a towel. 
  •  Reapply for more gloss if desired.

FAQ & Support

Do not overtighten a sprayer onto this bottle or you will separate the threads from the top of the bottle.

What You Get

  • 1L (32oz) Bottle/with sprayer
  • 3.8L 1gallon Container

Optional Bundles

  • Bundle with (1L or 3.8L)
  • 1 x Detail Factory Curveball Brush
  • 1x Wheel/Tire Towel 30cmx30cm
  • 1x 750ml Pressol Household Sprayer
  • 1 x OG Pressol Label "Tire Dressing"
  • NOTE: This kit does NOT include liquid in the Pressol bottle and labels are NOT installed on bottles.

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