SONAX PROFILINE Cutmax Heavy Cutting Compound

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SONAX PROFILINE Cutmax Cutting Compound 250ml/1L

  • SONAX CutMax is designed to achieve the highest cutting and polishing results without severely damaging the clear coat.
  • Sanded areas up to P1500 can quickly and safely be removed with excellent gloss effect.
  • SONAX CutMax is water-based which offers a long working window and will not dry out like other compounds.
  • It is also dust-free for easy clean up after use. Simply wipe off the polished area. Solvent-free & silicone-free makes it safe for use in body shops and collision centres.
  • Cut 6/6
  • Finish 3/6
  • Made in Germany

Directions for use:

  • Apply a small amount (3 or 4 Dime-sized drops) of polish onto the SONAX Polishing Pad.
  • Polish the surface at a low rotating speed (800 rpm) for approximately 20-30 seconds, applying 15-20 pounds of pressure. After 30 seconds, remove pressure completely using only machine weight, increase machine speed (1200 RPM) and continue polishing for 45-60 seconds. When finished polishing, wipe down the paint surface with a Microfiber Cloth.

Note: Do not allow polishing area to overheat. Regularly clean polishing sponges. Never use different polishes on one sponge, Keep from freezing.

Product attributes:

  • Highly abrasive compound paste for sanded and severely weather paint work
  • Capable of removing sanding marks of up to P1500
  • Water-based formula contains no solvents, silicones or petroleum
  • No dust is created during the compounding process; polishing pads stay cleaner longer

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