Armour Detail Supply Wheel Coating

Armour Detail Supply High Temp Wheel Coating – The Best Way to Protect Your Wheels

As we move into 2024, Armour Detail Supply has emerged as a leader in advanced wheel protection solutions. In this article, we'll explore why Armour Detail Supply Wheel Coating is becoming recognised as the best wheel coating on the market.

Armour Detail Supply is a company with a high focus on providing quality detailing products to the professional and enthusiast user. The brand makes a point of delivering real world products that deliver real world durability.


Tested at High Temperatures

Armour Detail Supply High Temp Wheel Coating is a quartz-based ceramic coating specifically designed for wheels and surfaces subjected to high heat. Tested at up to 800 degrees Celsius, this coating has a high 76% solids count and a pH tolerance ranging from 0 to 13. This means that it can easily handle the heat generated by the brakes and withstand wheel cleaning chemicals.

Why Choose Armour Detail Supply Coating?

What separates this wheel coating from the rest is the slickness and extreme water-beading ability, something often missing from wheel-specific coatings. It has also shown to last well beyond the claimed longevity figures.

Armour Detail Supply High Temp Wheel Coating can be used on a variety of wheel surfaces, including chrome, painted, clear coated, powder coated, anodized and matte finishes. It can also be used to coat brake calipers and exhaust tips.

Applying a ceramic coating to your wheels has three main advantages –

  • Enhances the finish
  • Protects the wheel from harsh brake dust and road grime
  • Makes cleaning much easier



The key to success with any coating is preparation!

Begin by decontaminating the wheels with an iron remover and clay bar, and polish if needed. Follow up with a through wipe down with a prep spray. If you are dealing with brand new wheels, then a simple wipe down with the prep spay is all you need.


How To Apply 

  1. Shake the coating bottle, remove the lid and wipe away any dried coating.
  2. Prime the supplied applicator with three lines of product, from there, only smaller amounts of the coating are required.
  3. Working on one wheel at a time, apply the coating in overlapping motions to ensure even and complete coverage.
  4. Allow the coating to flash or “sweat”, usually 1 to 3 minutes.
  5. Once you notice a light haze appear, it’s time to begin leveling the coating using the a microfiber towel. The initial wipes will be ultra grabby, which quickly transforms to a slick and smooth feel under the towel. Follow up with a secondary towel to remove any lingering residue.
  6. Repeat the above process for the remaining wheels to ensure consistent and thorough coverage.

Cure Time

It’s suggested to avoid driving the car for at least 12 hours while the coating cures. After 12 hours, the car can be driven and get wet. Refrain from washing within the first 7 days as the coating fully cures and hardens.


Additional Notes

  • This coating tends to harden in the applicator much quicker, we recommend swapping to a fresh applicator mid-way through the job.
  • While not necessary, a second coat can be applied after an hour.


A High Quality Coating, High Quality Results!

Armour Detail Supply High Temp Wheel Coating is all about the user experience! With its Slickness and hydrophobic properties, ease of cleaning and exceptional levels of protection, it stands out as the best wheel coating on the market in 2024.


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