Bilt Hamber Atom Mac: A Quick Guide

Bilt Hamber Atom Mac: A Quick Guide

What is Atom Mac?

Bilt Hamber Atom Mac is a concentrated corrosion inhibitor which has multiple uses in multiple industries. Atom Mac provides an invisible atomic barrier against corrosion and rust forming on unpainted metal surfaces.

Why Use Atom Mac?

In Automotive applications, Atom Mac is used to protect any unpainted steel surface such as brake rotors, suspension and driveline components, exhaust systems and fasteners. Atom Mac can also be used on bicycles and motorcycles, outdoor power equipment and machinery.

Importance Of Preventing Rust on Brake Rotors

Atom Mac prevents rust from forming on steel brake rotors, especially on black or dark wheels. Using Atom Mac can also prevent potential damage caused by brake pads fusing to brake rotors.

Orange coloured dust on otherwise clean wheels, which is caused by rusted brake rotors.

As they say, prevention is the best cure. The usual method of preventing this situation was to move backwards and forwards multiple times with light brake pressure to dry out the rotors. However, we now have access to products like Atom Mac that can solve this problem in a fuss free manner.


Bilt Hamber Atom Mac, pictured here in a Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer and Obsessed Garage Label.

Atom Mac Dilution

You need to dilute Atom Mac before applying it, and it works best when used at a 5% dilution for car brake rotors. This would equate to 25ml of Atom Mac added to 475ml of water for a total volume of 500ml.

Add this to your favourite spray bottle. At this dilution, a 500ml bottle of Atom Mac concentrate will go a very long way. We recommend using distilled water when diluting for product stability.

How to Use Atom Mac

  1. Start by cleaning the wheels and tyres. After you finish each wheel, apply a few sprays of Atom Mac directly onto the brake rotor surface.
  2. Continue to wash the vehicle as you normally would.
  3. After washing and the final rinse, go around and apply a few additional sprays of Atom Mac to each brake rotor. We recommend being generous with the product to ensure proper coverage. While the overspray won’t harm the wheel, make sure to specifically target the rotor.

From there, dry the vehicle as you normally would. If you have a car drying blower, this can help dry the rotor much quicker and improve the overall result. Once you apply it, you remove Atom Mac from the rotor when you next drive the car.

Additional Note – To get the best results with Atom Mac, apply it to the brake rotor after cleaning each wheel. Apply it again after the final rinse. Using this double application can prevent the rotors from flash rusting. You can apply it while working on the rest of the car.

Clean Wheels, Rust Free Brake Rotors!

Using Atom Mac on brake rotors means your wheels stay cleaner for longer. All from a simply spray application. For the fastidious car owner, Atom Mac is a must have!


Is Atom Mac Safe For My Wheels?

Atom Mac is safe for all wheel surfaces and won’t stain or damage the finish. Importantly, it won’t impede the safe operation of the braking system. A win-win situation!