Bilt Hamber Product Range: Detailing Precision

A UK based company, Bilt Hamber provide a range of innovative high performance detailing products that deliver high quality results. After extensive research, development and testing, Bilt Hamber have earned multiple awards for their products, meaning detailers can buy with confidence.

In recent years, Bilt Hamber have become a go-to brand for many detailers, professionals and weekend warriors alike. With that, lets dive into the wider Bilt Hamber range.

Surfex HD

What: Surfex HD

With a water-based formula, Surfex HD is an extremely effective All-Purpose-Cleaner and Degreaser. It’s biodegradable and non-toxic, making it safer for the user and vehicle.

  • A highly dilutable, up to 200:1 for light cleaning or used undiluted for extreme cleaning ability.
  • Economical
  • Surfex is ideal for cleaning tyres, engine bays and wheels

Price: $44.90 for 500ml or $94.90 for 5L

Suggested Dilutions: 100:1 for light cleaning, 10:1 for heavy duty cleaning


    Touch-Less 5 Snow Foam Pre Wash

    What: Touch-Less 5 Snow Foam Pre Wash

    Featuring a pH of 11.0, Touchless was designed to cleanse the vehicle of grime prior to the contact wash, offering safe touch-free cleaning ability to help prevent scratching. Ideal for those dealing with dirtier driving conditions.

    Price: $103.95 for 5L

    Suggested Dilutions: We suggest starting with 50ml in 950ml of water and adjusting to suit.


      What: Auto-Foam

      With a pH of 13, Auto Foam is another touch-free pre-wash snow foam, offering a step beyond Touchless to provide impressive cleaning ability for heavily soiled vehicles.

      • Non-caustic, water-based biodegradable formula, safe for regular use
      • Ideal for heavily soiled vehicles
      • Free rinsing qualities

      Price: $85.90 for 5L

      Suggested Dilutions: We recommend starting with 50ml of Auto-Foam to 950ml of water.


      Auto-Wash Concentrate

      What: Auto-Wash Concentrate

      Auto-Wash is heavily concentrated vehicle shampoo and is ideal for bucket washing. It contains no fillers or waxes, making it ideal for ceramic coated vehicles.

      • Multiple award-winning shampoo
      • Delivers up to 100 washes from a 500ml bottle, working out to 0.70c per wash
      • Anti-corrosive properties

      Price: $68.90 for 500ml

      Suggested Dilutions: 5ml per 10L of water


      Touch On

      What: Touch On

      Another unique product from Bilt Hamber, Touch-On is a wash soap that contains a ceramic sealant. It can be added to a foam cannon or wash bucket, allowing the user to clean and protect the car in one step. Best used no more than once a month

      • Quickly adds protection to an unprotected car, or as a topper to an existing coating
      • Delivers superior self-cleaning properties
      • Handy 30ml sachets

      Prices - $4.95 each or $24.75 for a 5-pack

      Suggested Dilutions – 1 30ml sachet to 15L of water or 1 30ml sachet to a 1000ml foam cannon


      Auto-Wheel Reactive Wheel Cleaner

      What: Auto-Wheel Reactive Wheel Cleaner

      Another award winner, this is a non-acid reactive wheel cleaner that has the ability to provide a touchless finished result or teamed with a brush for heavily contaminated/neglected wheels. Avoid using on plastic wheel trims/hub caps.

      • pH balanced and safe for regular use
      • Effectively removes bonded iron contamination
      • Impressive touch-free cleaning ability

      Prices: $64.90 for 1L

      Suggested Dilutions: Dilution not required


      Korrosol Fallout Remover

      What: Korrosol Fallout Remover

      An iron remover that is powerful and safe way of removing iron contamination from paint and wheels. Korrosol is pH balanced, so not only is it safe for use on ceramic coatings, but it can also be used on waxes and sealants too.    

      • Suitable for all painted surfaces
      • Fast reaction to iron particles
      • pH balanced

      Price: $64.90 for 1L or $269 for 5L

      Suggested Dilutions: Dilution not required



      What: Cleanser-Polish

      Yet another award winner for Bilt Hamber, this Cleanser Polish is a resin-based polish and paint enhancement treatment. With minor filling ability, Cleaner-Polish will deliver a deep, high gloss finish in one single step.

      • All-in-one polish and protectant
      • Easy to work with
      • Produces high levels of gloss and slickness

      Price: $77.90 for 500ml

      Suggested Dilutions: Dilution not recommended



      What: Auto-Clay

      While there is no shortage of automotive clay products on the market, the Bilt Hamber clays take quality and attention to detail to the next level. Each clay bar is coated with a non-stick powder and wrapped in grease-proof paper before being sealed in a neat plastic storage container.

      • Available in three different grades depending on contamination levels (Soft, Medium, Heavy)
      • Superior contaminant removal
      • Supplied with a handy storage case

      Prices: $54 each

      Suggested Dilutions: Not applicable


      Double Speed Wax

      What: Double Speed Wax

      A multi-award-winning product, this is carnauba wax that delivers rich, deep gloss and high resistance to detergents. Non-abrasive, Double Speed Wax is applied sparingly, allowed to haze for 10 minutes, then buffed to a high-gloss finish. Who said wax is dead!  

      • Won the Auto Express ‘Best Wax and Sealant’ Award for 10 years running
      • High performance protection
      • Supplied with a foam applicator and microfiber towel

      Price: $77 for a 250ml tin

      Suggested Dilutions: Not applicable



      What: Auto-Balm

      An innovative, nonabrasive paint protectant that will outperform other waxes and sealants. Importantly, Auto-balm produces no dust upon buffing, making it simple and easy to apply.

      • Suitable for exterior metal surfaces including paint, wheels, chrome and aluminium. 
      • High levels of gloss and slickness
      • Delivers high anti-corrosive properties

      Price: $86 for a 250ml tin

      Suggested Dilutions: Not applicable


      Atom Mac Corrosion Inhibitor

      What: Atom Mac Corrosion Inhibitor

      With multiple uses, in the detailing world, Atom Mac can be used to stop flash rust appearing on brake rotors after washing your wheels. With a few sprays per rotor, you will prevent showering your freshly cleaned wheels with orange dust next time the brakes are applied.

      • Highly concentrated
      • Exceptional corrosion inhibitor
      • Ideal for any unpainted surfaces including brake rotors, suspension components and exhausts

      Price: $99.90 for 500ml

      Suggested Dilutions: 25ml of Atom Mac to 475ml of water, add to your favourite sprayer


      Dynax-UC & Dynax-UB 

      What: Dynax-UC & Dynax-UB 

      Both products provide anti-corrosion protection for vehicle underbody sections prone to rust.

      • Dynax-UB is cavity wax for use on unseen areas, leaving a film barrier to corrosion.
      • Dynax-UC produces a transparent film, ideally suited to more visible areas or show cars
      • Easy to use aerosol application

      Price: $76.90 for 750ml (Dynax-UB) or $77 for 750ml (Dynax-UC)

      Suggested Dilutions: Not applicable


      High Quality Products – High Quality Results

      With an impressive lineup of performers, it's no wonder the Bilt Hamber range is winning awards and the praise of detailers all across the world.

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