Detailing Shed Favourites: Our Top Product Picks of 2024

Get ready to discover the must-have essentials in this extensive buyers guide for car detailing. 

We've handpicked the top products for every category, to simplify your purchasing process. Explore Detailing Shed Top Product Picks:

  • Wash 
  • Dry
  • Wheels
  • Exterior Wax /Seal/ CeramicProtection
  • Polishing
  • Decontamination Iron Fallout
  • Interior/Exterior Glass
  • Interior Clean and Protect



Snow Foam Pre-Wash

Pre-wash is applied with a foam cannon or pump sprayer, to loosen dirt before traditional washing.

  1. Bilt Hamber Touch-Less (5L) - Best Performance
  2. Koch Chemie AF Active Foam (10L) - Low Dosage for professional use, Smells amazing!
  3. GTECHNIQ W4 Citrus Foam 

Professional Use: Super foam

Car Wash Shampoo

  1. Best Performance: Koch Chemie GSF - Gentle Snow Foam
  2. Excellent Product: GTECHNIQ W1 G Wash
  3. Cost effective: P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo 

For more information - Read our Car Wash Shampoo blog here.

Rinseless Wash

All great product options:

  1. Optimum No Rinse & Shine
  2. P&S Absolute Rinseless Wash
  3. McKee’s 37 N-914 Rinseless Wash

Wash Mitts & Pads



Best Car Blowers and Dryers

  1. Best Performance: BIGBOI BlowR Pro 4 - Recommended for professionals
  2. Best Value: BIGBOI BlowR Mini+ 
  3. Best Hand Held: BLO AIR S Dryer

Recommended option for Bigboi BlowR: 9 Meter Hose 

BIGBOI Comparisons Chart

Drying Towels For Body

  1. The Rag Company - The Gauntlet Microfiber Drying Towel -  we recommend 2 x Medium or 1 x large 
  2. Maxshine Purple Duo Twisted Loop Drying Towel - we recommend 2 x Medium
  3. Maxshine "BIG RED" Microfiber Drying Towel 1000GSM (50cm x 70cm)

Drying Towels For Wheels



Best Wheel Cleaner - Weekly Cleaning

  1. P&S Brake Buster - For Rims & Tyres. We recommend a 3.8L with 1L Empty Spray Bottle. The product can be diluted up to 4:1.
  2. Sonax Wheel Cleaner Beast 1L - For Rims

    Iron Remover - Quarterly Maintenance

    We recommend Iron removers for Rims. They are great at removing iron fallout particles.

    1. GTECHNIQ W6 Iron Fallout Remover & Decontaminant
    2. Koch Chemie Reactive Rust Remover Rrr Iron Fallout  

    Tire Dressings 

    1. New Look: Obsessed Garage Tire Dressing 
    2. New Look Longer lasting: Koch Chemie Exterior Plastic PSS Plast Star
    3. New Look: Gyeon Q2M Tire Express -Satin Look-Long lasting
    4. Best Value: P&S Shine All Tyre Dressing 

    Recommended Tyre Dressing Brush

    Wheel Coating

    1. ARMOUR Detail Supply Wheel Coating
    2. GTECHNIQ Wheel Coating Kit 
    3. Gyeon Q2 Rim 30ml (Durability 12 Months)
    4. Feynlab Ceramic Wheel and Caliper

    Wheel Brushes

    Wheel Mitt

    1. Maxshine Microfiber Finger Wheel and Rims Wash Mitt (2x Pack) - Best Value, will get in intricate areas.
    2. The Rag Company The Cyclone Ultra Wheel Mitt 15 x 18cm (2pack) - More durable than the Maxshine Mitt; However it doesn't get in the intricate areas like the Maxshine does.

     Shop our complete Wheel Bundle Here.


    Interior All Surface Must Have's - Daily Use

    1. Geist Surface & Screen Cleaner 500 ml / 16.75 fl.oz
    2. Koch Chemie Allround Surface Cleaner ASC (500ml/10L)
    3. Gyeon Q2M Interior Detailer

    Interior Cleaner

    1. Geist Rapid Leather & Vinyl Cleaner 500 ml
    2. Koch Chemie Pol Star PO – Textile, Leather & Alcantara Cleaner 1L/5L
    3. P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner

    Interior Dressing & Protectant

    1. Optimum Protectant Plus Interior - Leather, Vinyl and Plastic
    2. Koch Chemie Leather Star LS Revitalising, Preserve and Protect (1L)
    3. Koch Chemie Top Star TS Interior Semi Matt Plastic Trim Care (1L)

    Dashboard: GTECHNIQ C6 Matte Dash AB Interior Trim Protector

    Leather Conditioner

    1. Geist Leather Conditioner
    2. Koch Chemie Leather Star LS Revitalising, Preserve and Protect (1L)
    3. P&S Leather Treatment

    Leather/Fabric Care Bundle


    1. P&S Carpet Kit 
    2. Sonax XTREME Upholstery & Alcantara Cleaner Foam

    Vinyl Trim and Plastics

    1. P&S Swift Clean & Shine
    2. SONAX PROFILINE Plastic Care Interior & Exterior
    3. 3D LVP Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner (473ml/3.78L/19L)

     For Rubber Matts and boot liners Koch-Chemie Gummifix Guf Interior Plastic Care

    Fragrance & Air Freshener

    Odor Eliminator

    Car Detailing Vacuum

    1. Numatic Commercial Multi 4-in-one Wet, Dry, Extraction and Upholstery George GVE370

    For more information, read our Car Detailing Vacuum Blog



    Ceramic Coating

    1. GTECHNIQ Crystal Light Serum (CSL) + GTECHNIQ EXOv5
    2. FEYNLAB® Ceramic Lite 40ml

    Best Professional Coating in 2024: C6 Ceramics Diamond Gloss Ceramic Coating (1 hour cure time, no need to keep your car inside for 2 days).

     For more information read our Ceramic Coating blog.

    Graphene Coating (Professional Use)

    1.  ETHOS Graphene Matrix Coating PRO V2 10+ YEARS
    2.  SPS Graphene Coating

    Ceramic PPF

    1. Feynlab PPF & Vinyl Ceramic
    2. GTECHNIQ Halo v2 
    3. Gyeon Q2 PPF

     Ceramic Spray Coating

    1. GTECHNIQ C2V3


    1. Gyeon Q2M Wetcoat
    2. Sonax XTREME Spray+Seal

    Quick Detailer 

    2. Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer
    3. Gyeon Q2M Quick Detailer (400ml/1L)

    SiO2 Spray Coating/Sealant: 

    1. ETHOS RESIST Graphene Spray Coating 6+ Month Durability
    2. GTECHNIQ C2V3 Ceramic Sealant (Up to 6 Months durability)
    3. DIY Detail Ceramic Gloss

    Trim Coating

    1. GTECHNIQ C4 Permanent Trim Restorer
    2. FEYNLAB® Plastic (durability 1 yr)
    3. Gyeon Q2 Trim 30ml (SiO2-based Durability 6 Months)


    1. Optimum Car Wax Spray
    2. 3D Express Wax
    3. Gyeon Q2 Wax



    Cutting Compounds

    1. SONAX PROFILINE Ultimate Cut 6+ Heavy Cutting Compound
    2. Koch Chemie H9.02 Heavy Cut Coarse Polishing Compound
    3. Menzerna Fast Gloss HC400

    Polishing Compound

    1. SONAX PROFILINE Perfect Finish One Step Polish (Polishing and finishing)
    2. Koch Chemie F6.01 Fine Cut Polishing Compound
    3. 3D One Hybrid Compound Polish

    Finishing Polish

    1. SONAX PROFILINE Perfect Finish One Step Polish (Polishing and finishing)
    2. Menzerna Super Finish 3500
    3. Koch Chemie M3.02 Micro Cut Polishing Compound


    APC - All Purpose Cleaning

    1. Koch Chemie GS Green Star
    2. Bilt Hamber Surfex HD
    3. GTECHNIQ W5 Citrus (APC) All Purpose Cleaner

    Water Spot & Limescale Remover

    1. GTECHNIQ W9 Water Spot Remover
    2. Gyeon Water Spot Remover

    Clay Lube

    1. Gyeon Clay Lube Concentrate
    2. Professional: Koch Chemie Clay Lube Spray 

    Clay Bars

    1. GYEON Mild Clay Bar
    2. Maxshine Clay Bar

    Clay Mitt/Pad

    1. DS Clay Mitt Ultimate Fine Grade
    2. The Rag Company UltraUtility Clay Scrubbers

    Bug Remover

    1. GTECHNIQ W8 Bug Remover
    2. Koch Chemie Insect & Dirt Remover

    Tar Remover

    1. Gyeon Tar
    2. Koch Chemie Teerwasche



      Best Glass Cleaner

      1. Stoner Invisible Glass
      2. Optimum Opti Glass Clean & Protect (504ml)
      3. GTECHNIQ G6 Perfect Glass

      Glass Coating

      1. FEYNLAB® Window Glass Coating
      2.  GTECHNIQ G1 CLEARVISION Smart Glass Coating Including G2 (Durability up to 2 years)
      3. GTECHNIQ Glass Coating Kit

      Glass Cleaning Cloths

      Buying guides