Obsessed Garage Decontamination Soap

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Obsessed Garage Decontamination Soap


  • This isn't pH Balanced, so I make sure not to let it dry on the paint.
  • This is a solvent-based soap and is designed to strip and break down dirt, waxes, and sealants.  Use only if you want to strip the paint of waxes and sealants.
  • This does extremely well in a foam cannon and in your bucket.


  1. Rinse the car.
  2. Fill up the "Rinse" bucket.
  3. I add 150ml/5oz to my MTM PF-22.2 Foam Cannon and then fill the rest of the way by submerging the foam cannon bottle in "Rinse" bucket water. (150ml Decon Soap:850ml Water)
  4. Foam the car.  By proxy, I end up leaving the foam to sit and run off the paint while I prep my "Wash" bucket.  I do not rinse the foam off the car. I want it sitting there to break down the wax.
  5. Add about 2oz of soap to your wash pad.  I use a The Rag Company The Cyclone Ultra Wash Pad
  6. Fill Wash Bucket that has the wash pad and soap with water.
  7. Wash the car using as little pressure as possible on the wash pad.
  8. Rinse to prepare for the next step in the Decon process: Optimum Ferrex. (I always rinse with Deionized Water.)

The 32oz will come in the updated frosted Bottle**

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