Best Ceramic Coatings for Cars, Tested

If you're searching for the best ceramic coating, you've come to the right place. This is a go-to guide, introducing you to the top choices that will protect and maintain your cars paint. Investing in a quality ceramic coating for your car is a commitment to both its appearance and longevity. Whether you prioritise professional-grade excellence or opt for a budget-friendly option, these top 5 ceramic coatings offer a range of options to suit your needs and expertise. 

What is the Best Ceramic Coatings for Cars

1. GTECHNIQ Crystal Light Serum (CSL) 

Detailing Shed Best Seller 

What: GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Light 5 Year Paint Protectant Coating

  • Ultra-durable, high-gloss, slick to the touch, chemically bonding inorganic layer of 9h optically clear ceramic. 
  • One layer provides up to 80% of the protection of Crystal Serum.
  • Durability: Up to 5 years durability
  • Price: 30ml for $131.90 or 50ml for $193.90.
  • Cure time: 12 Hours. It will continue to cure for about 7 days.
  • Can be used in combination with EXOv5 (24 Month Durability) for additional glossy & hydrophobicity.
  • To prepare surface before coating, use GTECHNIQ Panel Wipe
  • Kits: Ultimate Bundle, EXOV5 + CSL & 5 Year Paint Coating Bundle 


Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic coating is…

“The hype is real! Such an easy ceramic coating to work with. After following instructions and checking out a few YouTube videos, the process could not be simpler!” - David S

“First time I applied this product and found it was fairly easy to apply but even easier to wipe off. Preparation is the key as it is less forgiving in that sense. I will definitely be recommending this as an option in the future. Super sickness right after wipe off” - Peter T.





  • Makes water-spots easy to remove, offers great resistance to all wash chemicals and can help withstand micro-marring. It produces a high-gloss, warm-looking, extreme hydrophobic finish.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone coating or as a top coat
  • Durability: Enhanced durability – lasts for up to 2 years
  • Price: 30ml for $125.90 or 50ml for $183.90
  • Cure time: 12 Hours. It will continue to cure for about 7 days.
  • Consumption: For cars up to medium estate (i.e. BMW 3 series touring) – select 30ml. For larger cars, select the 50ml
  • Kits: Ultimate Bundle & EXOV5 + CSL


Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic coating is…

“Exp is a great finish layer over ultra serum light. Adds hydrophobic layer and protects your ceramic base layer. Nicely glossy too” - Matthew W.

“Great Product! very happy with purchase, great shine and extremely easy to apply!” - Doug G.


Recommended Bundle - GTECHNIQ Crystal Light Serum (CSL) + EXOv5

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light is an excellent stand-alone coating offering unparalleled gloss and gloss retention through its superb resistance to wash swirls.

However, its water repellency falls short of what EXO has to offer. Therefore, if you want the best for your car – remarkable swirl resistance and water repellency, then this kit is definitely for you.


3. Feynlab Ceramic Lite

Budget Friendly

What: FEYNLAB® Ceramic Lite 40ml

  • Easy to use, durable, slick, hydrophobic paint coating providing a high level of gloss to enhance any vehicle. 
  • Entry-level coating due to its extreme user-friendly application method. 
  • Durability: 1+ Year.
  • Price: 40ml bottle for $66.
  • Cure time: 24 Hours. It will continue to cure for about 7 days.
  • Consumption: Enough for 1 mid-sized vehicle.


Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic coating is…

“Great product very high quality. This is the first time I’ve used this product and the results were amazing” - Brendan W.


4. Ethos Graphene Matrix Coating


  • Slick and Easy installation, incredible high gloss shine, improved water spot protection, dynamic hydrophobics and low sliding angle, 9+ reduced scratch and marring.
  • Ultra-refined graphene resins, Increased durability, increased slickness.
  • Durability: 5+ Years of protection.
  • Price: 30ml for $189.95 or 50ml for $289.95.
  • Cure time: 48 Hours. It will continue to cure for about 5 days
  • Consumption: One 30ml bottle of Graphene Matrix will provide for 2 coats of a standard size sedan, or minimum of one coat for a large ute/truck.


Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic coating is…

“This version 2 of Ethos Graphene like version 1 is so easy to apply & remove.

The results after the coating had cured are great. High gloss, slickness & so easy to wash & dry. Great value for money for a 5 year coating” - Craig L.


5. Gyeon MOHS EVO Light

What: Gyeon Q2 MOHS EVO Light 30/50ml 3/4 year durability

  • Features a world-first use of the fluoro modified polisylazane technology within the car care industry. Allows a simple and very straightforward application with just one layer.
  • Chemical resistance, ease of use, Slick and smooth, Gloss and extreme hydrophobic are just value-added.
  • Durability: 3-4 Years
  • Price: 30ml for $119.99 & 50ml for $169.99
  • Cure time: 12 Hours. It will continue to cure for about 7 days.
  • Consumption: 15-22ml per car
  • To prepare surface before coating, use Gyeon Prep.

Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic coating is…

"This is the best product I have ever used" - Michael R.

"Easy to apply & great shine !" - Suman C.


Professional Use Ceramic Coatings for Cars

1. C6 Ceramics Diamond Gloss Ceramic Coating

C6 Ceramics Diamond Gloss Ceramic Coating-Ceramic Coating-C6 Ceramics-Gloss Ceramic-Detailing Shed

What: C6 Ceramics Diamond Gloss Ceramic Coating

  • Durability: Lifetime
  • Cure Time: 1 hour.
  • To see the application of C6, Watch here.


2. Ethos Graphene PRO V2 10+ - Years Professional Use Only

What: ETHOS Graphene Matrix Coating PRO V2 10+ YEARS

  • Creates an extremely durable protective coating with superior strength, flexibility and repellency that enhances and maintains vehicle finishes. 
  • A revolutionary coating with cutting-edge Graphene technology that creates remarkable shine and protects any vehicle effortlessly.
  • Durability: 10 Years.
  • Price: 30ml for $199.95 or 50ml for $289.95.
  • Cure time: 48 Hours. It will continue to cure for about 5 days.
  • For how to Install Ethos Graphene Pro Coating V2 coating, watch here.


Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic coating is…

“Ethos Graphene Coating really protects the car. Can feel the difference to other ceramic coatings. The car was side swiped after Ethos coating was applied, the other party suffered paint scratches but my coated vehicle didn't have a mark that I couldn't wipe off.”- Sam S.

“Fantastic coating! Easy to apply with superb results! We've noticed the cars have deeper candy gloss and are really slick” - Kris.


3. SPS Graphene Coating - Professional Use Only

What: SPS Graphene Coating Durability 5 Years

  • High-definition gloss, incredible surface slickness, rich colour depth, and impressive hydrophobic properties.
  • Can be applied to all exterior surfaces, including glass, paint, plastic, vinyl wraps, PPF, matte finishes, and more!
    • Durability: Up to 5 years durability.
    • Price: 50ml for $218.00


    Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic coating is…

    “Unrivalled gloss and clarity. The final result of this product is unmatched, the gloss, mirroring and clarity leaves my clients and myself speechless everytime. The slickness is something that can't be explained, think perfectly smooth glass and multiply it by 10. 110% happy with the product” - Troy H.

    “SPS Graphene has stepped up to the mark and beyond. Loved using this product. It really compliments the hard work you out into your paint correction” - Napoleon G.


    Best Ceramic Coatings For PPF & Vinyl Wraps

    1. Feynlab PPF & Vinyl Ceramic

    What: Feynlab PPF & Vinyl Ceramic

    • Enhances gloss on appropriate finish types, while leaving both matte Vinyl & PPF surfaces with a dulled appearance.
    • Durability: 1 Year
    • Price: $138.00 for 30ml
    • Cure Time: 24 Hours. It will continue to cure for about 7 days


    2. GTECHNIQ Halo

    What: GTECHNIQ Halo v2 Flexible Film Coating For PPF and Vinyl Wraps.

    • Improves dirt and water repellency of PPF or vinyl and helps to prevent staining from dirt, as well as reducing yellowing caused by UV.
    • Durability: 2 years.
    • Price: 30ml for $121.00 or 50ml for $176.00
    • Cure time: 12 Hours.
    • If applying to previously installed film, wash and decontaminate the vehicle with Gtechniq W5 and Gtechniq W6.


    Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic coating is…

    “Great product! Easy to use, and doesn't visibly alter the appearance of my Satin Chrome wrap too much. Highly recommend it, even if it is a little expensive” - Lorenzo M.


    3. Gyeon PPF & Vinyl Coating

    What: Gyeon Q2 PPF Paint Protection Film & Vinyl Coating 12 Months durability

    • Very easy to apply flexible one layer coating for all types of PPF & Vinyl. 
    • Designed to match and perform with all modern paint protection film structure and self-healing properties.
      • Durability: 1 Year.+
      • Price: 50ml for $139.99
      • Cure time: 24 Hours. It will continue to cure for about 14 days.
      • Consumption: 30ml / car


      Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic coating is…

      “Easy to use and the customer was very happy with the end result” - Michael K.


      Best Ceramic Sprays and Sealants

      1. GTECHNIQ C2v3 Ceramic Sealant

      Detailing Shed Best Seller and Choice


      • Gloss intensive spray on, wipe-off dirt repellent coating that blankets your vehicle in a highly reflective, glass-like finish.
      • Can be applied to all exterior surfaces to provide excellent UV protection and water-sheeting abilities. 
        • Durability: A single application of C2v3 Liquid Crystal lasts for 4-8 months!
        • Price: 250ml for $26.40, 500ml for $44.00, 1L for $66
        • Consumption: One small bottle covers several vehicles (depending on size and application method)


        Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic spray is…

        “Incredible Coating. Just applied 2 coats to my car and we have already had some rainfall and it is amazing. Water beading is great and it’s reduced the water spots I get on my black car. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great easy coating to apply that isn’t a ceramic coating.” - Josh T

        “Words can't do the product justice.This is the best product on the market. Easy to use, leaves the car with a fantastic shine and protects the car for months. Great product if you live near the beach. Use it on my cars, truck, caravan and bike.” - Steve P


        2. Gyeon Wetcoat

        What: Gyeon Q2M Wetcoat 500ml/4L (Durability 3 Months) spray on, and rinse off Coating

        • Spray on, and rinse off sealant that is designed to boost protection and gloss within minutes. Extremely hydrophobic, beading water and glossy straight after rinsing.
        • Ideal as a quick-hit or a regular maintenance product to extend and enhance coatings or sealants.
          • Durability: Up to 3 months.
          • Price: 500ml for 24.99 & 4 for $119.99.


          Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic spray is…

          “Incredible product!Wetcoat is so easy to apply and the results are incredible, highly recommended! My clients love the gloss and the water beading! 6 months protection in minutes, what more could you want!” - Brock D.

          “So easy to use and results are great for the time investment! Gyeon Wetcoat is one of the best products I've used, such great results for the easy application at the end of a maintenance wash” - Lachlan S.

          3. ETHOS Resist Graphene Spray Coating

          What: ETHOS RESIST Graphene Spray Coating 6+ Month Durability

          • This spray and wipe formula adds 2-in-1 versatility to enhance coatings or a stand alone protection.
          • Immediately creates a silky smooth non-stick coating that repels water, dirt, dust on any surface!
            • Durability: 6 to 12 months
            • Price: 236ml for $39.95 & 473ml for $64.95


            Detailing Shed customers say this ceramic spray is…

            “I've never used a spray product like this so was a bit unsure. It was so easy to apply and virtually didn't need a final wipe down, but was silky smooth when I did. Used hardly any product and plan on reapplying every 3 months as it's not a chore at all.” - Adam C.

            “Super easy application, flashes in like 3 seconds and superb protection/beading. Only used about 7-10 sprays for a hatchback so the whole bottle would last years” - Brian R.

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